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Panoramic roof did not work during Elon's presentation

I attended the Oct 2nd Tesla event and got a ride in the Tesla. Overall, I was pretty impressed with the cars performance and styling.

I have one major concern though. During Elons presentation, he attempted to demonstrate how awesome the controls for the panoramic roof were by sliding his finger across the display to close the roof. The giant TV used for his speech cut to a close up of the roof. It was a big reveal moment...and then...nothing happened. The roof failed to close. You could tell Elon was uncomfortable as he saw what was (or wasn't as it were) happening.

I asked some of the Tesla geeks about it afterwards. They said the software is still glitchy, this is not production ready. blah blah blah. If they cannot get it together to have the car working for the big PR moment, what does that say about them for being production ready?

I also asked the following: "if this panoramic roof fails to close, and I need to secure my vehicle, will there be some sort of manual override to get it closed?" The answer was a simple "I don't know"

It's one thing to have software or hardware problems at home on your computer, but what if this happens out on the road, like say I5 to LA? Also, the scrolling on the touchscreen looked very jerky. i.e., the opposite of a smooth ipad.

Hmmm, it opened perfectly well on command. I didn't notice him try to close it again.

No, it definitely was a big FAIL. I have a friend who works there who noticed it as well.

You know what beta means, right ?

I have noticed that a lot of the screen motion is pretty jerky, like when they make the maps full screen or try to tap-drag around on the maps. Some have said they'll be updating the hardware come release time. Let's hope that clears things up!

Yes, Nicu, I know what Beta means, thanks for asking. Even though this is the Beta model, don't you think that Tesla did everything they could to ensure every part of their CEO's presentation would go off without a hitch? Especially at a PR event like this? The fact that they either couldn't prevent this, or that their employees do not pay attention to these important details, does not inspire confidence. I was left unimpressed.

Do you work for Fisker? Or for GM? Sounds like one of the two.
The cars were not manufactured by Tesla, but for Tesla. They arrived less than a day before the demo. More evidence for Elon's contention that only total vertical integration permits full quality control, at least when it comes to cars, I guess.

These Beta models were hand built BY Tesla employees in Detroit. No, I do not work in the automotive industry.

At this point, I'm not concerned. Its still 9 months away. There's still time for software bugs to get worked out.

I've worked in application development long enough to know that things ALWAYS fail during a live demo of a beta product (thus the term minimally viable product...).

It is a simple matter of Murphy being a total son of a bitch. It has happened to Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Google and now Tesla; good company indeed!

I'm not overly concerned as long as firmware updates are simply managed and there are basic manual overrides for things like the sunroof.

You can't hand-build aluminum stamped body panels, or glass curved roof segments, AFAIK.
As for firmware ... since Elon's b/g is software, I suspect someone is going to get a rocket up the socket, if it hasn't happened already.

AFAIK beta-models are not hand-build, they are actual products of the Tesla factory. Tesla made, not yet completely finished production early versions. Alpha-models were hand-build elsewhere.

I certainly hope for manual overrides as well, but they deflected when I asked. Anyway, I'm still excited, and still have my reservation. Though I was excited to see the panoramic roof operation, and still feel letdown. I'm sure Elon reamed someone out for this.

I think that's true of the "bulk" beta run, but that it hasn't yet begun. Some of the equipment just arrived, according to someone who was talking to a supplier who just got his machine up and running in the prev. 24hrs. So I'm not sure. Come to think of it, the engineering press showing in the spring(?) was showing Alphas being built for testing and smashing.

More reason not to get the panoramic roof ... my first Audi had a gremlin that like to open the sunroof during rainstorms; my wife's BMW's sunroof is a fraction of a millimeter mis-set and whistles at highway speeds ... these things are prone to mishap. I'll take mine in solid aluminum, please, painted Sequoia Green.

During the factory tour they explained the full welding line was previously in detroit and has indeed build the betas. It is now moved to the new factory but not yet used.
As for the jerky touch panel, the hardware engineer confirmed me it will absolutely handle as an iPad. He was very proud of this :-)

The bulk beta run is waiting on the last parts to arrive from Japan and be fitted into the presses. My tour guide believed that everything else in the factory was complete.

Bgu, many of the welds which will be done by the robots, were actually performed by hand in Detroit.

So glad to hear that the interface will be as smooth as an Ipad. If that really turns out to be true, that would be awesome.

As far as the panoramic wife REALLY wants it....I suppose some of you know how this goes.

During the factory tour they explained the full welding line was previously in detroit and has indeed build the betas. It is now moved to the new factory but not yet used. (Bgu)

Thank you for sharing this detail. I was already wondering what the "Beta" thing was all about if it does not mean they built them using their own production line.

A totally brand new car built from scratch, and the only bug they have (that we know of) is the sunroof controls? Geeze! I'd say they're doing damn well to have all the major systems up and running smoothly enough for this kind of demonstration. 1 minor glitch in, what is essentially a bonus option is not a huge red flag IMHO. It means they are getting stuff DONE, and done well.

In one of the test drive videos, the sunroof is opened and closed successfully by swiping the 17 inch screen.

Was this on Saturday or Sunday? I was there on Sunday and didn't notice that? I can't wait to get my car and I have faith that Elon will not let the cars leave the assembly line with those bugs intact. In the scheme of things, it's not a big deal and I know they aren't considering it a big deal yet either. They expect us to be forgiving of these little glitches and for these reasons most other car manufacturers don't let you see a pre-build beta of a car until it's released to a dealer. They will pull it out, I am sure and I loved the panoramic ceiling and can't imagine my Model S without it! I already built mine with the Pearl White paint job, tan leather interior but am not sure which trim style yet to choose?

I agree with the Murphy's Law comments. I have been in software development most of my life and these things tend to happen during demos, even if you check everything 20 times, even 5 minutes before. Anyone remember the plug-n-play demonstration of Bill Gates at CES years ago.... :)

How many electrically operated roofs do you know that have an override? Just because there is a hard button, doesn't mean it will operate every time. This would be true for any car.

Anyway, it is a Beta. The cars looked amazing and I for one am convinced the quality will go up for the production models. I also hope that software upgrades will be easy to do (OTA and by choice please).

Bugs can alwayshappen. However I don't really mind about software problem as they could easily be fixed by downloading a new release or new version. I'll have being much more concern by a structural problem, or battery, engine, etc... this is much harder to fix after the car is out of the production line.
I do think Tesla engineers knosw where to focus their efforts to make a reliable efficient car that may evolve even after you own it, don't you?

Doesn't concern me. They still have many months to work out bugs and glitches in software. And the ability to update that software even after production models make it into our hot little hands.

It's a beta. Would you rather have had Elon simply not unveil anything until next year? It's not as if the car didn't start, or crapped out mid-drive.

I feel the same way about all the criticism regarding the interior. Make your opinions heard, of course, but to assume they're going to go with an interior that isn't optimized with the basics like lcd panel integration is a little much. Of course they will, they're not dumb.

I didn't attend the Tesla event, with the Panoramic roof, is there any fabric (real roof) that I can close inside to block the sun at times?

It didn't look like there was one. I know they are talking about the coating on the roof glass that is to block our most of the heat but it doesn't stop the light from hitting you. I have that same concern and it will probably make me not order this option (that and what I guess will be the large additional fee...)
For those who think the light coming through isn't so bad, come to Phoenix :)

The software not reacting to a finger swipe isn't bad at all. Microsoft and Apple, as mentioned, have had much worse happen at their events. What would have been disastrous would have been a failure of the electric drive while Elon was bringing the car to the stage. I can't see a bunch of guys pushing 4,000+ pounds up onto that platform.

I believe that it was mentioned that there will be no cover for the panoramic roof. My recent battle with skin cancer has cured me of the desire to have a panoramic roof.

Don't give up yet, uv transmission depends on the type of glass.

I can't locate the source, but I seem to recall reading someplace that TM was considering designing in some kind of opaque sun shade for the panoramic roof. I really hope they do. I live where the sun is intense and almost always shining. Even if the roof design cuts a substantial percentage of UV and heat, I have to believe that the constant glare would be tiring.

If there's no sun shade, I'm going to have to pass on the roof, and that would be a shame.

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