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Poll: Is your Model S your daily driver?

Many non-EV drivers believe that even Tesla Model S owners just use their car as a secondary vehicle - ie, it isn't their daily driver. But I have yet to see a poll about this question. So, IF you own a Model S, I would appreciate it if you could participate in this very quick poll. Please use this thread to suggest poll question improvements.

Wups, this forum won't allow it to be in-line. Here's a link to the poll page:

I can't access the link but my MS is the daily commuter. My other two ICE boxes have been gather gathering dust and filth from the street since June.

@Shop - you should edit your OP to switch the link.

Also there are a couple of other threads on this: here's one:

@nickjhowe - how can you edit a post on this forum? I didn't think that was possible.

That link you sent me was from 2011, I think we need a current poll. We are up to 55 replies, BTW.

Daily driver.

My Leaf is my daily. My MS is my evening and weekend ride.

Don't reply to the poll in these comments, click here to respond:

@exPGAhacker, yes, I should have created another poll category for having another EV being the daily driver! Really, the poll is more about whether EVs, and the Model S in particular, can be a daily driver...

day AND night...odometer rising up pretty fast, faster than any other vehicle I owned before

I get mine in two weeks. It will be my only vehicle which I commute to work daily 26 miles each way.

Not another 99% result!!!


Hover over Tesla logo in upper left corner of your post and chose Edit.

Put the URL to survey in original post. Noone sees your posts down below.

I answered in the poll(yes) but wanted to add that the "ICE SUV" is only for the snow and icy conditions. Just don't want to stop driving the S, call me crazy!

Daily driver. Picked up the car this Monday afternoon and have 900 miles already. Cant wait to get back into car.

Yep. And my MB SL sits in the driveway.

My daily driver

My Model S is my daily driver. Unfortunately that means that it goes to the farm, to work, etc. in rain or shine so I can't maintain it cosmetically as well as I would like but, that's ok. It's a workhorse, not a show horse.

Daily driver-only vehicle.


Thanks, didn't know you could edit a post. Guess you can only edit the first post in a thread? Anyways, everyone, please respond to the poll, rather than comment here, or maybe in addition to commenting here.

For those that don't have a model S and can't vote, the tally is 128 respondents, 99% of which use their Model S as a daily driver. I'll post full results tomorrow after we get some more people to respond.

I tried every link you posted and I just get a white page.

Definitely a daily driver. Around 200 miles per day. Thumb up all the way

@shop - yes, you can only edit the original post. That's what I meant.

Captain, we are up to 155 respondents, so it's working for a number of people. Try another browser?

So far there are 178 responses and I just added mine. Looks the page works fine.

Daily driver and I will almost put twice as many miles on this car per year as my previous ICE.

daily driver, havent driven anything else since!!

Yes it is my daily driver. Also our families preferred weekend vehicle when we don't have more than five people.

We currently have three visitors from out of the country and three boys. My wife also prefers to take it if she is going out when I am not driving it on weekends or nights.

Still have my old Prius but have to remember to take it for a ride every few weeks to keep the battery alive. Already had to replace it this summer from neglect. Only keeping it for my oldest son to learn to drive very soon.

MS is my daily driver but I often switch with wife's EV, ICE sedan for long drives where SC not yet installed and my ICE minivan for windsurfing. (@Windsurfer, can't imagine you take your MS for that.) Replied to poll picking what I thought came close enough. Looks like over 200 respondents. What is it....30,000 to go?

Wow, huge response to the poll guys. I'll let it run for a few more days, but here's the result as of now for those that don't have a Model S and can't participate:

I think I'll post a similar post in a Nissan Leaf forum and see what kind of response I get.

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