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Portable batery pack extra 20miles

I have little idea, Tesla can make extra portable batery which can be used in emergency like to have 3galon gas tank in the trunk.
Simply conecting in the trunk area one or two batery pack. To use extra power car will be in some software economy mode max 50mph no A/C no stereo (only Navi) which will give another 10 or 20miles extra.
To use the driver must stop the car and turn on some switch in the trunk are (to prevent using extra distance power during normal use) In some Gas stations later can be those batery pack for exchange or buy or rent).
Good to have one in the midle highway or forest road or trip to hospital with no power (or no time to charge) becouse there is no option to call friend and say Hey bring me el.power here :) meaby if hi have el.generator, then can halp you...

If the Tesla car didnt think about it there is my idea... I see the document in TV on Nat.Geo chanel at Megafactories and i really like that car and later my friend told me tha his father allready pay downpayment for the S model whem visiting US Florida.

So dear TESLA if you like my idea you can give me thank you meaby this way free car :)

With best regards Richard NOGA Czech Rep. (18.1.2013 at 8:05am)

Yes, I also have a few different bikes! Lol

dhillair +1

With the longer range cars, more hi speed chargers makes a large difference. The larger the battery, the faster it charges, too.

How about store electric power in some liqid and the batery in car will work as regular gas tank when all chemical reactions recharge the batery, and at powerstatiot(gas station) just suck old liqid away and put some new :)
Meaby this will take shorter time to charge the car

meaby i have just bad dream

so if is it stupit , sorry for that

good morning
and have nice day

Any battery with more than a few miles range is going to be too heavy for one person to even lift. If you are doubtful on range, stop and plug-in, or slow down. If you've failed to guess correctly, a portable generator is the recovery. Note that wrecker trucks with a welder/generator set on the back can put out 35A-40A at 240V, so the time to get you moving isn't that bad.

Exactly this concept or at least a very similar concept hat been developed by Technical University of Munich, together with german industry partners.

My company accutally build the main Li-Ion Storage for this car :-)

The zinc-air "range extender" sounds interesting, but puzzling. Why is it more efficient or useful than a few more battery cells?

All well and good to plan and drive carefully. Nevertheless, sooner or later some of us will run of of power. A pack would be good, to last the few miles/km to a supercharger or the likes. Just as I am with my ICE today, a 5 lier can of gas at the cottage just in case. And more than a few with that safety option in mind. But we can agree to agree/disagree here in the forum. If there is a business model, someone will do it, TM or not.

I do think that a 240/50 or a low level charger at gas stations would handle this pretty well. Really if you are getting to zero miles of range, you will be happy to have charging at just about any rate. The issue I see is that the outlets you might be able to find at a gas station don't have a payment system. The teenage kid behind the counter won't really have the authority to say "sure, just plug it in here" and pay $5 or whatever. I am sure there are plugs to be found, at just about every gas station even if they are just 110/15.

@sumo How about store electric power in some liqid and the batery in car will work as regular gas tank

That kind of system actually does exist. Could be useful for large vehicles.

@DonS Any battery with more than a few miles range is going to be too heavy for one person to even lift.

6kWh which gives 20 miles does weight about 25kg (pure batteries weight). This is with tech that is used in Model S. There are better ones and way better ones are under development. 25kg is heavy, but not beyond one person to lift. If weight is a problem you could always have two 10 mile versions, 3kWh each.

Extending your regular driving range with those is not very smart, but as backup power like jerry can of gas not a stupid idea. You could use them for variety of other ways too, 3kWh means you can run 500W systems for half a day (6 hours).

Portable generators do not have very good gas -> electricity efficiency (surprisingly low in fact) and they are heavy too, which means you need quite a lot of gas before you get same result as those batteries.

Take a look at this:

Just what you want.

If they ever do come up with a battery that does store 10 times what we have now does anyone think it would be better to just swap a 300 mile battery? (one tenth the size and weight of what we have now) or just have a 850kWh battery on board?

10 times what it is now is a bit too much for reality. 1.5kWh/kg is about at the limit of physical possibilities and we already have way over 200Wh/kg (Panasonic 3.1Ah batteries have about 243Wh/kg). At least for li-ion. Future might give us something else entirely.

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