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Rear seats and Texas heat

For those with the rear facing seats and back windows tinted; how are your kids handling the Texas heat? Are you still using the rear facing seats during the summer?

Pre-cool the car, heavy (15%) rear tint - no problems on short (20min or less) trips. Haven't tried anything longer. Kids still prefer to sit in the far back despite heat.

I am not very impressed with rear facing seats. No a/c vents in the trunk and so called optimal setting for the air to reach the trunk does not work. I would spend the extra $$ on the battery and twin charger.

I plan to tint my rear window as much as the law allows.

I have the rear facing seats and the kids have complained that it is indeed hot back there...even when the temps were only about 80 outside, and of course, they are much hotter now. Not having vents back there are a real design gap...

Real need for tint back there and shutoff all the front vents to push it out the back seat vents and set it at 65. But in the end the rear seats are mostly for short runs IMNSHO...

i have the rear facing seats and very dark 40% tint, the kids love them at 10 minutes max on warm days. if its 75 or over and sunny its gets unbearably hot, i have tried emailing and calling the service center and so far have not gotten any positive response. Its a very poorly thought out add on...that needs to be fixed or someone just may file a class action against TM....otherwise I really love the car...i just wish they would handle this issue...which is very real.

I ended up getting a loaner with rear seats and no tinting while my car was gettin rear seats installed. Pre-cooled the car, took a trip about 1 hr Friday afternoon around 5 with temps in the 90s. No complaints from the kids. My daughter did complain about the sun in her eyes. Also they might have been distracted by the iPads.

My car was ready yesterday, temps reaching 100. My car is ceramic tinted, not sure %. I know the 2nd row not tinted as dark as possible. My guess the rear hatch is dark as possible. I did this before I knew I would be getting rear seats. Pre cooled the car, took a short 15-20 min trip without any problems. Only complaint from 2 nd row that it was freezing ;)

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