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Replacement battery for key?

Does the key open? If so how? And what size battery hides inside? I like to plan ahead should the key run out of juice...

There is an indent on the underside of the battery. It has a rounded side and a straight side. Stick fingernail or knife edge or small screwdrive under straight edge and gently pry it open. There is a standard clock battery in there CR232 or something like that. It is good to have a spare. I keep a spare battery in my glove compartment (secrued with tape) just in case.

@David if your key died wouldn't you be locked out though? So having the spare battery in the glove compartment wouldn't help?

I know you can unlock with the app, but lets act like that doesn't exist.

Please, put the spare battery wherever you like. I like the glove compartment.

I think I read in the Owner's manual that you can still unlock the door when the fob's battery is dead/nearly dead by holding the fob over the windshield wiper grill on the right hand side. (Must be magic) Then you can get inside the car and get that spare battery out of the glove compartment. (I taped my spare to the roof of the cubby.)
Thanks for the idea David Trushin

Just had one of my keys get a 'battery low' signal. Battery is a CR2032. Very easy to open one up with a small flathead screwdriver. Anything bigger could scratch the edges a bit. I couldn't use my fingernails but I'm sure some out there could.

@David sorry my question offended you, but it was a serious question. Having the spare in the car is most convenient, but I certainly don't want to be locked out if it is needed.

@rochec, Like akikiki mentioned, read the manual. It talks about putting the dead key fob at the bottom of the windshield on the passenger side and the door will unlock. It must use a different technology, like RFID tags or something that don't require power but obviously need to be in very close proximity.

@rochec Not offended. I use my phone app all the time. And even if I forget my phone, one can call service and they can unlock the car remotely. (Although if I forget my phone, how would I call service? I seem to recall something called a pay phone, but I don't know where I would find one.)

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