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Replacing the Alpine nav / music system

Hi all,

I have a Tesla 2.5. I love everything about it except the Alpine music and Nav system. Frankly, it's unintuitive, the UI completely changes between Nav and music/radio, and it has pretty poor radio reception.

Has anyone replaced their head unit? Is it difficult? Can any garage/car audio place do it? Does anyone have any recommendations for a double height music and nav system?

Many thanks



Is there a decent aftermarket head unit available for the Roadster? I cannot find anything that is a worthwhile upgrade.

@Smop call the guys in LA who retrofit high end cars/Teslas. I like Kenwood as it uses Garmin Navi.

some install the new Parrot is integrating it's roadster mobile-phone app in it

You get simmilar functionality as in the model s touchscreen then!

If you modify any of the electrical components of the car without their consent! they website electrical draw and attractive disturbance as their primary fear . . . . . . . . .

I am using pioneer with Bose amp, delivering high performance. Also paired my iPhone as well having no issues of echo and reverberation.

Is there a reasonable upgraded go device available for the Nissan ? I cannot discover anything that is a beneficial update.. . .

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My radio *finally* doesn't change levels. They replaced the power amp with a special order amp that has the noise cancellation disabled. I'm happy with the sound now..

But not the USB connection, the UI, etc...

Also followup...
When I complained to Alpine about how bad the UI is, I pointed out that the Nav UI is much better than the audio UI. She told me that is because they were designed by two different teams what don't interact. No surprise there.

They said there were no plans to fix it as it is a 'mature' device. Read that as they are not wanting to support it, probably in favor of the next versions.

Does anyone else have difficulty scrolling around the map in the Nav UI? I find that the drag gesture very rarely works: when I try it it just interprets it as a click gesture instead, and places a pointer where I wanted to start dragging.

Wish I had found this thread previously. I got Tesla UK to change my Alpine Unit out once already but still have the same bugbears - random volume variation, poor phone performance, dodgy response to swipe on the Nav UI - and now I see I am not alone.

Scotty2541 - who did you get to sort the amp? I will pass on your comment to the guys coming to do my annual service tomorrow and see what they say!

NAQ88: Sorry I just saw this question.
The guys in Chicago special ordered an amp for me, and Lawrence put it in.

I had to change out my Alpine myself. Just did it two weeks ago. I like this one better. Kenwood DNX 690. I had to adapt a small regulator to get the back up camera to work.

It picks up distance radio stations that my Toyota and Acura can, but the Alpine couldn't.

Apart from the poor interface etc. etc. commented so many times and that I cannot agree more with, my true beef is the microphone installed with the Alpine unit in the Roadster Sport 2.5 S: whenever I am driving no one can hear me, when I am stopped (at a light on very low speed) people can hear me okeyish. I guess it has to do with -poor placement of the mike -electric interferences.

1. Does anyone know where the microphone is ?

2. More geeky question: has anyone successfully applied the firmware upgrade on their Alpine unit ? (cf. download from alpine website)

This car is such a joy and already a classic... it is embarrassing to have such a makeshift audio system... make the car feel cheap, as if it had been "tuned" by amateurs watching Fast and Furious too many times... this was a criminal choice by the car design team, no doubt.

'criminal'? You value your own opinions far too highly.

1. The microphone is on the dashboard below and to the right of the steering wheel.
2. I purchased the Alpine map upgrade and successfully upgraded the unit. It changed one or 2 minor things in the UI as I recall (eg, easier to cancel a route now). I am not aware of a 2nd upgrade available, although the Alpine started telling me to check for an upgrade once a year had passed since I installed the prior one!


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