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Retrofitted to new power folding mirrors today

Van Nuys SC did it in a couple of hrs while they were replacing my MCU (bad 3G modem). They charged me $1500. For me, it was well worth it.

$1500 for your mirrors to automatically fold in? What was your criteria for making this worth the cost and effort?

I ask sincerely because we have plenty of room in our garage and also have never experienced an issue where it would be a welcome addition when parking somewhere. To me it's absolutely a non-issue.

It's a big car as we all know. Even though my garage is fairly large as my house is only 9 years old, my kids often hit the mirrors of our Mini Countryman when opening the doors of the MS and vice versa. Being able to auto fold the mirrors of both cars mitigates that problem considerably. Besides, a car of this caliber really should have power folding mirrors. It just doesn't seem right being without them.

I had mine retrofitted as well. It makes it much easier to fit into the garage with lots less risk of hitting the mirrors upon entry.

It was a tight fit before. The Rockville, MD service center did a great job and the new power mirrors work flawlessly.

Am I missing something here? I just took delivery of my Model S and there is a button to fold in the mirrors when pulling in or out of the garage.

Power folding mirrors are only part of the tech pack since October 2013, if I remember correctly. Many cars don't have them.

If you have a car with a VIN below P12142 you even need to double the retrofit price because the wiring harness needs to be changed as well.

I did it too. No good excuse. Just did it for the cool factor.
Mine was delivered in Sep '13, just barely missed it being free.

@akikikiki, that would be "just barely missed it being free after price increase."

I am glad they at least allow you to retrofit the folding mirrors. I am going to get it done as well.

I am still very unhappy (can't be seriously unhappy with Tesla but...) that they can not find a way to retrofit the sensors !!!

I drove a 1983 Cadillac DeVille for 5 years. After that boat, the Tesla feels small. :)

@zwede, was it a coupe or sedan? Either way it's hard not to love those cars. :-)

@ CalabasasKid, $1500 sounds fair considering the price increase.

I'll be coming from a Lincoln TownCar myself. While considerably longer than the Model S, the TownCar actually rates slightly narrower then the S (with mirrors extended).

Currently, my TownCar fits by width into my garage (with a bit of clearance) but sticks out of the garage about a foot. It looks pretty silly, but the car is covered (solid pivot garage door vs. sectional roll-up).

With the folding mirrors I should be a much better fit in both dimensions.

I agree that $1500 was fair. I think it would have been higher had my car been built earlier than last August thereby missing some key harness. All they do is pop off the painted mirror caps, unbolt the entire mirror assembly and bolt on a new one and connect the wire connector. They pop out the drivers door switch assembly with the new one and voila. Done! Throw in a quick firmware tweak to allow auto close upon vehicle exit added to the settings screen and it literally takes an hour to do. Personally, I think it's a no-brainer. It's one less thing that critics of the car can point to the car lacking as well. I'm super pleased I did it.

redacted | April 2, 2014 new
@akikikiki, that would be "just barely missed it being free after price increase."

@redacted, that would be "now included". Almost always a preferable word when "free" is bandied about.

I was quoted 2600 for both mirrors. My car is 21862 so only one month before the mirror option (I do have the parking sensors). Did everyone pay 1500? This seems like a big discrepancy... For 1500 I would have it done right away.


No sir, it wouldn't. There was no price increase between order and delivery for Aug-Oct cars. Ordered in Aug. Delivered 30 days later. If it had been delivered in Oct, it would have had the folding mirrors.


See my earlier post about this for details:

The price may vary with a $100 or so, as we've seen before, but if your VIN is equal to or above 12142 you already have the new wiring harness so the price should be equal to what CalabasasKid paid.

My guess is that your quote is from before the retrofit was officially available (end of Februari 2014) or that they simply sent you a wrong quote. Either way, there has been a Tesla internal communication at the end of February, so all Service Centers should be aware of correct pricing.

I am scheduled to have the power folding mirror retrofit on April 14th. The service center is in Watertown, MA, only four miles from my house. Like others, I have a tight fit going in and out of my garage which this should alleviate. Also, I agree with those who point out that a car of this class should have this feature. My VIN is 21612 and I was quoted $1500 plus possibly another $100 or so for labor. They are also going to install the new battery shield. And give me a car (hopefully another Tesla) to drive while mine is being worked on.

I don't think the delivered in Oct. 2013 is correct for them being included as my car was delivered in mid-Nov P24176 and it does not include the folding mirrors.

To clarify: they are part of the Tech pack since October 2013, which means that if you have ordered a car after that date you have the power folding mirrors.

Other people may also have them if they called to change their order to the new pricing/tech pack, potentially delaying the delivery date of their car.

For example: my car was delivered in March 2014 and was in production in December 2013 and it does not have the power folding mirrors. That's because I ordered my car in August.

I am also waiting to be retro-fitted for the mirrors along with the center console. I'm assuming I'm on some sort of waiting list for both or do I have to call the service center? Obviously I will get the battery shield as well. Do the mirrors retract automatically when you park the car? I had that on my 2011 Jaguar XJ. Seems silly that Tesla wouldn't have had this option prior to now.

thanks for the clarification. I ordered mine in mid-Sept after the price increase. I don't remember seeing the change in the mirrors while i was waiting but obviously it happened. I'm not sure if I would have tried to delay to get it or not. It's easy now to think about waiting a couple more weeks but back then the wait was agonizing.

So I understand how it works, it sounds like there is a button near the drivers left arm or hand to manually trigger the mirrors to fold in. Also I'm guessing there is a setting that when you walk away from the car and the handles go in flush the mirrors fold in. I'd guess they fold out when the car unlocks.

Is this all correct? I doubt I'll pay $1500 for it but I want to get a full understanding of what the feature is. Thanks.

And they were not quite free. Tech package price was increased 250$ at the time the mirrors were included. 1500$ seems like a great price, especially if you get to keep your old mirrors and could sell them for 500$ or so. I received my car 11/4/13 without the mirrors and don't miss them.

@chrisdl Thanks for relaying the VIN cutoff. Back in January I was quoted $3000 and forgot about it. After reading your info I called my local SC and they confirmed that I could get it done for $1600. Still not sure I'll do it, but it's something to think about.

@JT - Your wife will never let your MS park in the garage. What's the point of retro fitting with the folding side mirrors?

You can use that money to buy another CF spoiler...

It's the only way to give her my S if I get an X. Be prepared I always say.

And knowing is half the battle...

Rockville SC quoted me $2,300 for retrofit. As others have said, why should the price vary at all? I do have a sub 10,000 vin, but don't see why that matters.

@ elguapo,

It matters because Tesla did not install the necessary wiring harnesses on cars in your VIN range. The additional hardware, plus time to install that additional hardware, is why you are seeing additional cost.


Folding mirrors are not necessary often, but when they are they're indispensable.

Glad you're happy.

After mirrors are folded, what is the next thing sticking out and how much space is created by folding the mirrors?

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