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Rumored supercharger locations

Hey just wanted to make a clear forum one where some rumored superchargers are being set up!
Please add source!

List so far - more scouting needed:

Primm/Jean, NV (appears likely - multiple reports)
San Deigo, CA (Rumor based on an Internal Tesla map)
Lake Tahoe, CA (Rumor based on an internal Tesla map)
Greenwhich, CT (Word of mouth, reststop employee)
Oxnard, CA (Work of mouth, Tesla DS)
Vail, CO (Word of mouth from a Tesla site survey team)
Bloomington, IL (Word of mouth, non-employee)
Kingman, AZ (Word of mouth, Tesla employee)
Blythe, AZ (Word of mouth, Tesla employee)
Yuma, AZ (Word of mouth, Tesla employee)
Kingston, CN (Physcial sighting)
Centralia, WA (Rumor - current Roadster site)
Ellensburg, WA (Rumor - current Roadster site)
Dallas-Houston, TX (Elon)
Chicago, IL (Elon)
Somewhere in Florida (Elon)

I'll bet you we could narrow down possibilities - let's see, near a major freeway, where there is enough space to add 10 parking spaces, very close to food/bathrooms...

I can't believe that nobody has any info on Florida SC locations. Florida was announced as being in the 3 - 4 month timeframe. We know where the first few need to be, but that's not the purpose of this thread. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Need secret agent man to ask around at the Dania store.

Well, this article:
says there is a supercharger 40 miles from Encinitas, CA.

Right now, there isn't - the closest is in Los Angeles at the SpaceX facility.

So might this refer to a yet unannounced location? 40 miles from Encinitas would put it pretty much at Camp Pendleton (ie. in the middle of nowhere - no pitstop close by), or in downtown San Diego.

i was at the barstow supercharger location this weekend (they were turning on outlets three and four while i was there); the tesla representative indicated that there are supposed to be 15-20 new supercharger locations in completed in the next three months.

i asked if he had any sense for where they would be (including probing specifically about a charger between los angeles and san diego, as that is the primary one i'm hoping/waiting for), but he didn't know any details aside from what elon has already announced.


Based on what I've heard, I'm pretty confident that LA <-> San Diego will be handled, but it probably won't be in the next couple of months, but hopefully by end of year.

I live in Denver. If they build out Vail, I will immediately send my money in to activate SCing on my car. Build out the drive to Santa Fe and my car charging life will be complete.

confirmed by town of Normal, that their will be 10 superchargers in BLoomington/Normal IL

Normally I'd believe you, but ...

I spoke to a gentleman yesterday who is in the business of installing solar panel arrays for large projects. He was involved with a large project at FL Gulfcoast University in Estero, FL and has a project contracted with FPL, the big power company in FL.
He told me that he has been talking to Tesla about installing a solar powered supercharger at Alico Rd. exit on I-75 in SW Florida, near the Gulfcoast Town Center shopping mall. He said Tesla wants well lit sites so someone traveling alone late at nite will feel safe stopping at the supercharger.

I was at the Costa Mesa service center yesterday. The technician mentioned that a supercharger will be installed nearby.

This was posted in the Washington forum, but there apparently is a supercharger going in at Burlington, WA, about halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C.

Good for Canadians going into the U.S. or us going up to B.C., but I need something going down into and through Oregon.

That seems to be the next round of super chargers. 5/16 application wouldn't sugest this weekd announcement.


I had heard about one in Carlsbad.
The Outlet Shopping center just off the 5 would be the most logical.
OC sounds logical too.

Who really knows?

The one in Centralia is pretty solid: the state L&I electrical permit lists Tesla as the owner.

Here's another one - Darien, CT, just outside Stamford, CT:

San Juan Capistrano

3 on the 101 between LA and SF

"By the end of the year, the network will cover most metro areas in the U.S. and Southern Canada, Musk said."

"By the end of next month, we're going to triple the supercharger coverage area."

If there are eight or nine supercharger plazas now, I don't think that means there will be 24-27 by the end of June. But there will be additional swaths of the country that are covered, probably the Pacific Northwest, parts of the Midwest, Florida, Texas? Just my surmise.

Triple the coverage area would not. Starting from the small current base, it might extend down the East Coast to Florida, on the west up to Vancouver and/or maybe to Texas.

That by the end of June would be dramatic.

I got the impression that he was saying that by July you could drive (one route) NY to LA, and he certainly implied 24 chargers, which could in theory support coast to coast, but if you take out the 4 California ones that wouldn't be involved in coast to coast, and believe that WA and TX are each getting a few, the math fails...

Coverage area and # of chargers are far from equivalent expressions, and LA-NY is an eventual consequence, not an immediate target.

You can't get to heaven on roller skates!

I've said this elsewhere, but i'll say it again here...I have a feelingly that the New Jersey Supercharger will be located in a deliciously ironic location...Let's see what happens after the announcement is made :)

White Castle? Harold? Kumar?

Hehe :) While some might agree that White Castle is delicious (I would not be one of them), it isn't ironic...

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