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Rumored supercharger locations

Hey just wanted to make a clear forum one where some rumored superchargers are being set up!
Please add source!


I have seen the plans and letter of Approval from Lee County, FL for 8 charger bays and 4 superchargers in San Carlos FL at Gulf Coast Center(exit 128 on I-75)Ft Myers, issued 5/23.

I spoke to someone at tesla showroom and they said that they are planning somewhere in DC.

How about a drive-up restaraunt like Sonic, but a little more classy with better food? Pull up, charge up, fill up, GTFO.

And roller skates are always a nice touch.

This Model S owner upgraded to Firmware 4.5 and this morning posted a photo of a cross country row of Supercharger locations on his touchscreen map!

CORRECTION - Those are actually markers of where he charged, NOT SUPERCHARGERS. SORRY FOLKS! MY MISTAKE!

Elon announced last night what Tesla is planning.


confirmed Centralia Washington ( between Seattle and Portland)
and Burlington ( between Seattle and Canadian Border)

Some creative folks checked the municipal permitting agencies and found electrical permits made for Tesla! Smart!

Looks like some construction is gearing up, maybe by late June we can enjoy a few road trips. Thank you Elon

This thread is now officially dead as official current and future locations can now be found on the Supercharger page!

Not quite - the maps posted are still low resolution. For instance, tell me where the extra supercharger is between Las Angeles and San Diego. Can't tell from the page.

Ft. Meyers, Florida super charger is at the mall, in a great location for Tampa <> Miami Traffic. google it, you can see the permit.

Port St. Lucie Florida near another mall, off 95 and PSL blvd.:

The summer NW florida location looks like Daytona, nice for I-4 and I-95, and a nice view for the NASCAR fans.

Imagine the impact of all these MSes bopping all over the map, showing their stuff to the masses who've never heard of them. Awesome.

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