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S - E - X - Y Trademarks

Elon said that they had trademarked Model E and Model Y, in addition to the existing Model S and Model X.
SEXY models shows this similar thread:

Hadn't heard about model Y?

That's funny.

I happen to be a TM lawyer and so I checked and yeah he did file applications for MODEL Y in August. So I guess he's "bringing SEXY back." (Sorry I couldn't resist). ;)

The model Y may be a SUV version of the model E.

@eking - Just to clarify:

TM = Trademark


TM = Tesla Motors


Clever. Means you'll have to buy 4 TM cars to qualify. ;p

Oh sorry. I mean "trademark" as in "trademark lawyer". Tesla Motors filed for trademark protection under "intent to use" for the mark MODEL Y in late August. So it appears to be in development.

Where does the Roadster fit into this SEXY scheme?

It doesn't. The back seats are too small.

@BrianH lol

BrianH, that was just too funny! Plenty room in the Roadster even without back seats ;)

The new roadster (model R) will fit in with the model U, as in; R U S E X Y enough to own a Tesla?
Or U R S E X Y be cause you own a Tesla!

Go search for Bamboo8's thread with his saga regarding with the makeup on the headliner...

Model U?
Unexpensive? Have at that one if you want Brian. ;-)

I like Ultra! The Tesla Ultra! Or Ultimate that would work. Unlimited. Either way the super car! Something to embarrass the Veryon.

The Veryon is veryoff the beaten path, not a commercial product.

They went for model Y because Ford put up a fight about model E being trademarked by them :(

Suposedly Elon himself said that "Ford killed sex."

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