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Sport-Tuned Traction Control

If we order Active Air Suspension does it automatically come with Sport-Tuned Traction Control. And what is Sport-Tuned Traction Control ? If you have it, how do you like it?

I think sport-tuned TC is available on Performance version only that also has a slightly different inverter and more windings on the motor to get it to 416hp.
What I think they do for TC is raising the thresholds allowing rear wheels to slip more before they cut the power.
It feels pretty good, non-intrusive at all, probably the best I've seen on any car.

Elon is introducing a "Sport upgrade" this month. Don't know what it involves, but he wants to match a McLaren. Or beat it for "handling".

@BrianH - what's your source?

An interview in Dec., can't remember where at the moment.

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