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Supercharger stations

How can Tesla build faster, is the fact they are free slowing development?

Increased efficiency of permitting at the various locals and more responsive electrical grid hook-up; and no - being 'free' I expect has zero to do with their roll-out.

I have a question what happens to the national projected supercharger coverage if NC is successful in banning Tesla sales? Will this mean no superchargers in NC?

Then they would have to make it illegal to drive a MS through NC.

They are free to use because the financial/electrical side is handed over to sister company Solar City, which links to the utilities on both ends, buying power for the chargers, and establishing a dedicated array network that sells to the utilities more than enough to pay for the SC usage. Tesla needs only to put up the stations, at about $250K each.

It isn't only permitting that is the problem. Commercial parking lots typically don't have ten spots available to dedicate to superchargers. So just finding suitable locations is hard.

Maybe the parking owners could be bribed by Solar City with the contribution of a few MW?

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