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Tesla app

Now that Europe is getting flooded by Model s's has anybody got access to the Iphone/android Tesla model S App?

The App's been available for months. I just used it again yesterday - works fine (in the USA). If you're in Europe, are you saying the app is not available yet for all European countries?

Wish List for Tesla App:

Lower and raise all (or just front) windows under Controls option
Show current mileage on the car
Show accurate image of my car (mine has no pano but shows one)

I'd like to set the charge times from the app.

Tire pressure monitoring visible from the apps would be usefull
Also the exterior temp.
Also opening up the trunk from the app and closing
Raising windows from the app
And more important in the app would be to post the actual milage , just in case some else is driving it

"And more important in the app would be to post the actual milage , just in case some else is driving it"

I'm not sure what you mean by this. Can you explain? The app already shows the real time location, and status (including driving speed), so you can tell if someone else is driving the car. It also shows the battery charge level, so you can see the estimated range left.

Just checked Again today. No app available despite start of European deliveries. What could hold them up?

I downloaded Aptoide on Google Play ( Android Market ) and searched for: Tesla Model S Beta. So then you can download it also in Europe.

Tesla model s app are now ready in the European App store.

Has any of the new European owners experience in using the app?

the app is available in europe, but "no car connected" as long as the car has not be delivered; and very fed have been delivered as of today

I just got the app. I live in the netherlands.
Now I just havo to wait for my Tesla to be delivered...
October, i hope...

Delivering cars in Norway but no app in iTunes.
That is silly!
Shape up Tesla!

Any news about the iPhone app in Norway? It's available in all other European countries but Norway through iTunes app-store now.. why?

Could it be because we're getting cars and other countries will have to make du with the app? I' ve seen the argument about not being able to wake the car up because of some SIM issue, but wouldn't the current app be better than no app at all? Come on, Tesla, you can do better!

When will the app connect, my car is in production?

Doesn't connect until delivery.

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