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Tesla Model S: Collectable vehicle of the future

Checked on but didn't find a thread that mentioned this or maybe my computer skills are not up to par.

Oops! Neither is my spelling! Collectible.

I hope not. Otherwise how am I ever going to afford a second S if they are all in museums or the collections of bazzillionairs :-(

Kind of hard for a model that will have 20,000 units produced a year (and be relatively unchanged for multiple model years) to become too collectible, honestly.

Did you see the drag race on that site between the Volt and a Model S? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

@archibaldcrane - what makes you say the S will be unchanged across model years? Elon said they won't follow the industry in changing the S for each model year, but he didn't say they wouldn't change the S. Plenty of speculation around a station wagon version, AWD, sport handling pack, ...

I'd think those variants will be in addition to the 20-30K "regular" MSes. Maybe the graveyard shift will be dedicated to them!

I love my model S I hope to keep it a long time but honestly I think Fisker Karma is more likely to become a collectible because the company will probably go out of business. Therefore the karma is guaranteed to be rare.

Especially considering the SC factor. (Spontaneous Combustion)

Perhaps the Sigs will become collectible, being only 1200 or so in number.

Consider the cars they selected previously. Lots of those on the road, initially. I assume they assume a certain rate of attrition -- obviously not applicable to the MS. It will never wear out! :D

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