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An ad for Zurich Insurance features a Tesla Model S sticking half way out of a shipping container. It's surrounded by blue shipping pellets. The text reads, " WHEN YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT SOMETHING , YOU PROTECT IT THE BEST WAY YOU CAN . "

I just came across this ad while reading Forbes magazine (Nov 18 edition). It's very nicely done, and very subtle (it's a 2 page ad, and I never saw Tesla mentioned anywhere). I couldn't find a picture online, so I took a photo with my phone. What a beautiful car!



Zurich Insurance doesn't seem to offer consumer automotive insurance in North America. That makes the ad even more intriguing, in a way. They are using the Model S as a *symbol* of the precious and desirable.

+1 - Very nice ad! My favorite so far has been the "commercial" for the Model S, can't believe how much free advertising they get:

And, I also love the NASDAQ TV spot featuring the Model S:

Interesting. I would've thought that insurance companies would be spooked by the recent Model S fires. I should've known that insurance simply looks at the numbers and hence still believe the 'S is very safe.

I'm pretty sure Zurich is implying that they insure Tesla's trans-Atlantic shipping.

... wonder if Tesla sends cars to Europe in shipping containers full of blue ghost-poo.

@Jewsh "would be spooked by the recent Model S fires"
Those where everyone walked away unharmed? I'd think insurance companies would be overjoyed!
Fixing a car doesn't cost as much as fixing humans.

Until the Cyborg Revolution.

I just finished reading this edition of Forbes. In addition to the Zurich ad, it contains a list of the worlds 72 most powerful people. Elon came in #47. Just slightly less powerful than #46, Kim Jong-un. I found that very funny :)

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