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Tesla Model S full correction and Opti Coat by Orinda Auto Detail

Hi guys first time posting here. I've got to work on 15 model S so far and I love these cars! Hope you like this detail it took about 30 man hours!

Hi guys sorry I didn't get back to this to answer questions. Anyone that needs recommendations for Opti Coat Pro installers that are not in my area please email me at and I will find someone for you if I can. And I am an authorized Opti Coat Pro installer and do not use 2.0(consumer version). Opti Coat and Ziano are 2 completely different products. Ziano is a sealant that will wear away with time. Opti Coat will not and will be far superior for protection. While Ziano is still a favorite product at the shop because of its looks and ease of use, Opti Coat pro is a whole different thing as it never needs to re-applied.
Thanks guys and gals! If you have any questions or need help with finding someone to take care of your Tesla feel free to email me!

Des the opticoat work with the factory paint armor? Thanks

Yes I always like to Opticoat the clear film to extend the life of it . Usually when I install Xpel ultimate for customers I explain it should be replaced every 3 years. The opticoat on the the film helps it stay nice just like your paint. Clear film manufactures rec waxing the film more often that your vehicle paint so opticoat eliminates this.

Hi Joe. Saw you all working on a grey one this morning (or was it just detailing) as I was getting on to the 24 in a grey 60 :)
What are your thoughts on the hov decals? I already have mine on the car. Is it ok to apply the opticoat over them? It looks like the law will be extended until 2018 so I don't mind if this would make them semi permanent.

FWIW, I just got my white CA HOV stickers the other day. I mounted all 3 on the black skirt and NOT on any painted surface. The small one went on the right rear low down by the reflector. The side ones hat the top edge tucked into the gap between the fender and the black skirt, then neatly installed so the long edge went parallel to the seam. Less obtrusive, but since I am keeping my multi-coat red for a while, and do not want to provoke trouble with the CHP, I bit the bullet and installed them. Drove 680 from 680-24 interchange to Pleasanton this morning--saved 10 minutes.

I had my S Opti-Coated back in May. Pic, details, and authorized installer in the Phoenix area can be found at

I'm very pleased with the result and would highly recommend it.

Hi Create and yes we were Opti Coating the grey one! As far as the stickers go I know you can Opti Coat almost anything so we could do the stickers the well. What color is yours? Also if you don't want to put them on the paint I have another customer that we put some clear bra material down and put the stickers on top of that and it seems to working well for him.

Know of any opti coat installers in Pleasanton or the tri valley?

Joe, mine is also grey. I'll email you directly to set an appointment.

@Orindaautodetail: Which detailers are Opti-Coat Pro installers in Cincinnati?

Also, are there other polymer paint protection products that are comparable to, if not better than, Opti-Coat Pro?



What do you recommend on top of the OC? I read that synthetic wax (all wax?) won't really stick to it... I'd like to know what I should to keep it looking nice and glossy. I'm planning on gentle two-bucket washing as needed, but I'm not sure what I should do for waxing/polishing/other intermediate-term maintenance.

Joe (at just finished opti coating my grey 85p+. What a PHENOMENAL job. Truly outstanding level of care and attention by Joe, Hugo and the whole staff. I think mine was the 25th tesla that they've done. HIGHLY recommend them! Thanks you guys.

@Luke thank you very much is our pleasure to get your Tesla Opti-Coated for you. It was actually the first P85+ we've done. @Colasec it sounds like your on the right track with proper washing. That being said the only thing you should have to do to maintain OptiCoat is decontaminate your paint once a year. If you need advice on how to do this please give me a call and I will walk you through it my number is on my web site @cfOH there are other coating out there, in fact the market has recently exploded with them from every brand under the sun. I do know that all of these would be more of extended life sealants because they degrade over time where Opti Coat will not. I chose to only offer opti coat because it has the most data out on it to prove claims where the others do not. Hope this helps. Thanks everyone!

Any options for So Cal?

Or Colorado?

Hey guys please email me so I can find someone for you Please include the general area your in(colorado springs for example). It may take me a day or two because I don't like to refer people with out at least speaking to the person or knowing them to ensure the job is quality.

Here's the last write up I did on another black one. I have done them in just about every color there is. While almost everyone I've seen has the same paint issues its easiest to show on black.

hope you like it!

Looks great, Joe. I picked up my Model S today. Right now we're at the tint shop and tomorrow morning we're going over to see Richard for paint correction and Opti-Coat. I can't wait to see it as it should be :)

Joe did my 60 two weeks ago and also agree the quality is fantastic. They are extremely detail oriented. Thanks Joe!

@Create Very Welcome! Was happy to work on it and was a total pleasure!

You wanted to know a comparison between OCP and Zaino?

There is not really a comparison, Zaino can't stand up to years of use that OCP can.

OCP can:

Help keep hard water from etching into the paint
Ease the cleanings of the paint
Release bugs much easier
Can take a strong degreaser on its surface and not degrade
The durability is YEARS before you need to replace it. ( I personally had it on my car for 34 months before I sold it, and it was going very well)

If put on wheels it can help release brake dust much easier too


Joe referred me to Richard Lin of Show Car Detailing here in SoCal. He and his team perfected and Opti-Coated my brand-new Model S yesterday. Take a look:

I picked it up dirty - don't worry - I'll never let it actually get like that! :)

Thanks so much Joe for the referral.

@Colasec your very welcome! I'm doing my best to keep up with all the referral request and to make sure I'm actually talking to the individuals if I don't know them. I just wanna make sure all your amazing cars get the proper treatment and care by a very qualified Opti Coat Pro installer. Richard Lin( in SoCal is great he owns Show Car Detailing in Anaheim. Greg Nichols( of Reflections Detailing Utah. Greg Gellas( for anyone in the tri state area of Signature Detailing. I know all of them personally and will vouch for their vouch that they are stand up at what they do. I'm in the bay area. Thanks for all your support everyone it's been awesome working on so many of these beautiful cars!

Orindaautodetail: I live in Marin County. Can you recommend anyone in this area that could opticoat my S?

@akimball Could you please email me and I can point you in the right direction Thank you and if I missed anyone asking for a referral out of my area please check back with me as I got a huge number of request from all over the country so between running the shop and my normal day to day some may have slipped through the cracks. Thanks everyone!

Guys and Gals hope you like the one in the video I did it last week!

Ooo! Shiny! Green!

I got my P85 the end of December and it has been great. I've read all the forums on a regular basis and have learned so much. One of the things I've been debating is detailing. My car is the Metallic Blue and I needed to do something to show off its beauty. After reading this post, I researched Opti Coat Pro and looked at numerous reviews. I decided this is what I wanted to do. I looked for someone who handled this product and had good reviews. I found Auto Image in Barrington, IL which was great as I live in the very far NW burbs. I stopped by to visit Jeff and Kevin and made an appointment to bring the car back. We went over the car and I was surprised by the number of imperfections, swirls, scratches, etc. I guess I'd never looked that close. They assured me that they would correct this before putting on the Opti Coat Pro. They worked on the car for about two days and I picked it up this evening. It looks better than it ever has! All of the imperfections were gone. I had Paint Armor as an option and they put the Opti Coat Pro over that. I think it makes it much less noticeable.

I would highly recommend Jeff and Kevin. They are perfectionists, which is what you want when someone is working on your car.

Any recommendations for an installer in LA?


Looks great. In your professional opinion how does this compare to something like CQuartz Finest ( products?

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