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Tesla Model S full correction and Opti Coat by Orinda Auto Detail

Hi guys first time posting here. I've got to work on 15 model S so far and I love these cars! Hope you like this detail it took about 30 man hours!


The detailer came by Friday and worked on the car for about 4 hours. He said he would come by again this week and give the car a wash and inspection.

Here is a before shot at about 2PM:

And now the after at about the same time of day:

As you can see, there was quite an improvement.

If anyone wants to try the Duragloss 2-part polymer polish, if they post their results.

I will supply the 1st 3 respondents with free kit. email

@Larry While that does look better..... I doesn't look right... Even in your picture there I'm willing to bet more got hidden than actually fixed. Also 4 hours.... It would of easily taken me 20 hours to fix that. In 4 hours I don't know how much actually could of been done. If you look here are lots examples of what a properly corrected Tesla should look like. No one of these cars took less than 12 hours start to finish and that was with multiple people working on them. I know it's really not my place if your happy with the results but from your pic that is anywhere near where it should be....

Yes, it is certainly not perfect and there are other angles that look worse.

I have no doubt that 12 hours and multiple people could make it look better but there is the issue of diminishing returns.

In the other thread
I asked for photos of other MSes at the same angle and no one has responded. (I was hoping for stock MS shots, not those that have been professionally corrected.)

FWIW, Joe @ Orinda Auto Detail just finished working on my multi-coat red (3 months old) on Saturday. Took him a day-and-a-half on what I thought was a pretty good paint finish to prep it and apply OptiCoat Pro to everything (including wheels-he dismounts them to do the back sides, all plastic and all glass--different products). It turns out that there were lots of small rubs and scratches. The car now looks truly fabulous, and I know that I now have a thick 'clear coat' to protect the otherwise very soft environmentally friendly low VOC CA compliant paint. The time involved is to properly 'perfect' the finish without removing lots of clear coat/paint. More polishing is not better, especially if you (or your 'professional') does not know what he/she is doing. I am not a paid shill, just a very happy customer. He is not cheap ($350 for full detail and prep, $300 for complete OptiCoat Pro on everything), but given the cost of my investment and the length of time I plan to drive it, I consider it good value. Side note--at any one time he has 3 Model S in his shop for him to attend to (in the East Bay of SF). He maybe has worked on 60+ Model S. And he is very willing to find you a colleague in your geographic area (if he can).

Thank you for the kind words!

@larry, Just wondering an update to see if this got resolved?

Are two coats of OptiCoat better than one? Is there ever a reason to add another coat as extra protection?

Nothing new. Although it is not perfect, it is good enough (only a slight grumble under my breath when I see it in the sun.)

@mortgagebruce You can't layer Opti Coat unless you do it in the first 30 minutes of application because once its hardened more opti coat wont stick. I always layer it on the impact zones during my process but that's done about 10 minutes apart. @Larry If you ever decide you want it perfect feel free to let me know and I'll find you a local pro who will get it right the first try :)

@Orindaautodetail - Can you recommend a shop near Palo Alto? I took a delivery of a black Model S just this week.

Thanks in advance,

That's my car in the first link. Loving the difference it makes in keeping the car cleaner longer.

Thanks for the kind words! Just checking and reminding if I missed anyone who was looking for a referral please email I've tried my best to keep up with all them and I think I missed a few. Thanks everyone for your support!

Just wanted to say thank you very much for everyone's support! At we just finished our 91st Tesla Model S car making sure they had the protection they deserve!

Awesome Job Joe! I think I was 91 or 92. It was hard leaving my car overnight but you guys were great. I got home and my wife said WOW. It's like an even wet grey liquid paint. Joe was very helpful and said they always do the the first wash after the Opti coat and install the Opti clear as part of the package. I am very impressed with the quality of the work done and how positive and helpful everyone at Orinda auto detailing is. Allen the owner gave me a ride to Bart which was right down the street and was also ready to help in any way. These guys stand behind the product and work they do.


Joe--be sure to post when you hit 100 Model S OptiCoat! Great stuff...

When I have more time, I will try to go over all the questions the other pro detailers have not had a chance to answer.

I will say this though: What ever you are charged for Opti Coat, (I don't mean some hack trying to rip you off) is a lot cheaper than having traditional details done once of twice a year. EVERY YEAR.

It saves you thousands of dollars in the long run, not to mention, that with OPTI COAT, your car looks like it was just detailed after each wash. Try that with traditional sealants/waxes.

One CAN layer Opti Coat, maximum 3 layers, one hour between each coats. However, you would have to be charged accordingly.

The new minimum price we need to charge is $395.00 for the coating itself. How much extra we needs to charge for prepping will depend on the condition of the car, you can't go by what other people have payed for. Plus each of us charge different fees. Hope I was able to help.

Thank you everyone for your support! We've now done over 120 Model S cars!

Do you guys usually keep the car for a couple days on average? With the wife and I both working weekdays I'm wondering how to get the car up there and back from Mountain View... Might be looking to have mine done in December sometime after I take delivery.

Yeah 2 days is average unless its real bad. Gizmotoy if you would like to email me I'm sure we can figure something out! Thank you!

I'm taking delivery in Nov. and looking for a recommended Opticoat installer in the Palo Alto, Mt. View, Sunnyvale area. Any suggestions?

Hi Wahoo, If you would like to email me I'm sure we can figure something out for you!

We now install your provided Gator alloy wheel guards! I really think these things are awesome, considering how many curbed 21's I've seen! If you check out the last page on the thread above you can see the pics of the one I did!


I was at the SF stop on the west coast Supercharger event this morning, and Jerome G was there. He was very generous and gracious with his time. We talked about a number of issues, including the factory paint and issues with paint protection. I discussed my personal experience with OptiCoat Pro, and he looked over my multi-coat red at the event (with 3 months of daily driver use/abuse after my application. He asked me to forward along information about OptiCoat Pro. The following is my e-mail to him:


Bonjour Jerome!

It was very nice to meet you and talk with you at the Tesla event @ Chrissy Field in SF this morning. As always, merçi for your generous time with me, and commitment to Tesla and your customers. Whenever I can help TM/you and reciprocate in some small way, please do not hesitate to ask.

With respect to the Tesla paint and issues regarding durability and scratch resistance given the stringent CA VOC rules you must comply with, I chose to not have either the TM Paint Armor or any aftermarket film applied (...I do not like the look--and I gather you do not either). However after several months of ownership of my multi-coat red, even with hand claying, waxing, and washing, the small swirls, halos and rubs were apparent. After doing much homework, and reading other owners' experiences on the TM forums (and also at TMC), I sought out my local professional to apply OptiCoat.

The paint protection I used is OptiCoat Pro (applied and guaranteed by a professional detailer). There is a consumer version of OptiCoat (e.g. sold on Amazon) which is thinner, runnier, and cures slower. And you still need a pristine finish underneath or you will seal in the flaws. The Pro version is more viscous (so a pro can apply a thicker layer to impact areas) and cooks off faster. It also is guaranteed.

The pro who did my S is:

Joe Torbati
Orinda Auto Detail
22 Bryant Way
Orinda CA 94563


He does a very thorough detail, polish and prep as needed--perfecting the paint first. In his opinion, even factory fresh Model S need work (and he actually would prefer to get a new S straight out of paint and before anyone tries to detail/polish/wax the car). This takes about a day and costs $300-350.
He then applies the OptiCoat Pro (takes about a day), which costs $350. Note that this includes dismounting the wheels to clean and coat both sides. He also applies OptiCoat to the windshield and glass (different product), the plastic (headlights), and the rubber/vinyl.

Note that Joe has by now done well over 100 Model S--he is the go-to guy in the East Bay (if not the entire SF Bay Area). He is comfortable with the vehicle, including how to jack it up and dismount/remount and torque the wheels.

Once done, you end up with a hard durable ceramic based thick clear coat that sheds dirt easily (even the wheels stay much cleaner) and is far easier to care for (does not develop rubs and swirls in the very soft CA VOC compliant paint that you have to use). There is no need for waxing, or Rain-X on the windshield--water beads up and runs off (and wax will just wash off the next time you wash the car). I have been driving my S (daily driver) in the SF Bay Area and use a local hand car wash (not a detail shop) twice a week, and the finish (as you saw today) is still flawless 3 months later.

I hope this information is of some help to you.

Merçi beaucoup. Feel free to e-mail, call etc if I can help further.


Is the Pro still lifetime guaranteed?

Congrats Joe on the 120! That is nearly 5% of all Model S in the Bay Area!

I seem to recall you had done about 30+ when you did my 60.


Joe is too polite to say it, but I e-mailed him a few days ago and he is now over 140 Model S....lots of experience!

He must be tired of them by now. ;)

Brian H--I don't think Joe is tired of doing S's yet, but certainly enjoying the $$ and business.

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