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Tesla is spitting on early customers

As can be read on (in German), Tesla is treating some early customers really bad. Although it was promised to follow strictly the sequence of initial payment and finalisation of the order, I (reservation #41) realise that many customers here in Switzerland are already driving their cars. They carry sequence numbers like #672, #809 and even #1265. Some ordered only one year ago, while I made my downpayment in early 2010.

To be honest, I am very, very angry about the fact, that nobody at Tesla seems to care about that. Even worse, the Swiss delivery manager said that do not even look at the sequence number when deciding to whom they will deliver next.

Probably everyone in the waiting line should have a serious talk with his (or her) delivery experience manager (har, what a joke: rather a delivery nightmare manager!). If you miss this, they will probably also let you down.

Tesla, you may have a good car. Your staff is beyond everything I met till today and the last word in this case is not spoken yet!

That's unfortunate to hear. Is it possible that there is a country-level restriction on how many cars can be delivered?

I wonder if that has anything to do with those early shipments are signature models.

In Switzerland there is none. And even if there was I don't see why they mix up the sequence. I find only three explanations: Either it is ignorance, or incompetence, or preference of some customers. All these reasons I find unacceptable, especially since Tesla always was stressing that we early customers will be served first.

Shame on that company.

Good point, carlk. I was only investigating in normal production cars, no Signatures.

I don't have all the details and so can't say for sure, but in some countries the certification for sale took longer than expected. In Canada there was a delay of several weeks, for example.

I also don't think it's too unreasonable that Tesla batches cars based on the orders. If the white paint is on tap today, they're going to pick the first ten (random number, but the point is there) orders with white paint selected and put less emphasis on the sequence code.

Hopefully I don't come off sounding rude but unfrotunately as a smaller manufacturer I'm sure there are concessions made.

Maybe they're shipping based on configuration. For example, here in the US I read that those who ordered early but wanted the standard suspension had to wait many months while air suspension orders (even if they were newer orders) were served first.

Perhaps there's something like that going on.

There was a lot of complaining in the US, but everyone got their cars in the end.

There never was any credibility to the theory that it was ignorance, incompetence, or preference. If your car is late, (and this story seems to be primarily about you) it's more likely due to testing, batching of production models, or shipping.

If you want your car faster, you might want to rethink your scorched earth policy about trying to create extra work for the delivery experience managers.

Perhaps there was an "incident" during shipping and your car has to be re-shipped.

Sorry. Hope everything is straightened out soon.

I appreciate very much that you all are trying to calm me down. But the point is that cars were delivered with exactly the same configuration (and btw changing paint in a fully robotized production is not an issue).

Even worse: From the homologation papers I can see that my car reached Switzerland on Sept. 4. It is just hanging around since then.

And to make sure: I am not complaining for waiting in patience, but for beeing overtaken. This was just not the deal.

I will remain neutral re: Switzerland.


Getting into nitpicking arguments with forum members certainly won't get the car delivered any faster. Have you contacted your delivery persons yet?

The fact that your vehicle has been in a warehouse for two weeks doesn't mean there is any issue. It could very well be that the EU is very short staffed right now and logistically they're delivering what they can with the people available.

In short, call your rep and take a deep breath... good luck.

My sympathies indeed. Not a good situation and Swiss TM management is advised to get their to get their house in order ASAP. Communication is a good start, evidently an unknown in this case.

I believe we had the same issue on early deliveries in the US.

The issue could be with the shipper or possibly customs.

@Jewsh: Thank you for your advice. Of course, I did so long time ago.

@GeirT: You brought the problem to the point.
At least it is a perfect example and didactic play how easy it is to turn an ardent fan and supporter in a deeply disappointed critic.

@JC13: No customs problem at all. You can have it homologized here within 1 or 2 days here. They took their time and did it on Sep. 11. But obviously still others seem to have a higher priority to them.

And btw: I know meanwhile of at least one other case similar to mine here in CH. As GeirT said: Communication would be a start ...

I find the subject line of this thread to be completely alarmist and out of proportion to the actual issue. OP doesn't even know if those other vehicles shipped are regular production or Signatures, which ship first. Can the OP please get his facts straight before claiming to be the recipient of Tesla's saliva? LOL

@AmpedRealtor: Might be a language problem. I tried to say that I was comparing my case only with other P (as I have ordered one). Of course, I did not compare to the S deliveries.

I agree with Amped on this. To say Tesla is spitting on customers is to imply they are purposefully mistreating you and they don't care. This is obviuosly not the attitude of the company and you probably know that or you wouldn't have ordered one. Tesla is obviously inefficient in the early stages of its delivery program. If other non-sig cars were delivered before you its not because they are buddies with the delivery manager. Its because they made mistakes because their Swiss ops are in their infancy and they will correct as the go along.

Changing paint is not a fully robotic process. The painting is. Color changes are batched for obvious reasons. I've had a walk through the plastics painting line before it came on line.

You have homologation papers? And you know that other cars with exactly the same configuration as yours with lower P numbers were already delivered? Wow. That's a lot of info that you claim you have.

So I guess Tesla must really hate you for delivering other peoples cars first. (I'm assuming you have a car on order, though that has not been established yet.) Your time is better spent with your DS, not lighting incendiary threads here.

Well, jbunn, you can check all the information on the link of my initial post. It leads also to an Excel sheet with all that information in it, provided by other Tesla customers. Mine is #41.

The only thing I posted here is: I am very unhappy the things went with my car (that I had downpaid on June 15, 2010) and that other people should probably check their sequence. I hope this does not hurt your feelings.

Can someone point out where Tesla said that you will receive your vehicle in the order you reserved your car? Basic common sense tells me that is not possible because every configuration is different. For instance, if your #41 had parking sensors but they were out of stock and on order, should that hold up #53 that is further down the line but doesn't need parking sensors and can proceed ahead of your order? Would you like Tesla to artificially delay #53 so that you can get your #41 sooner, even if that means making #53 wait until your backordered parts arrive?

This is obviously a hypothetical example, but that kind of stuff happens all the time. If your car is in a warehouse somewhere, go there and pick it up! LOL

I personally would not want a first production car, they seem to have a lot of issues.

I see that Volker.Berlin is at the website that you mention. He witnessed on this forum our frustration about our early first deliveries in the US that were out of order. You might ask him if the situation in Europe looks similar to what you are now experiencing.

Here in the US the priority was supposed to be:
Founder's cars, Roadster owner Signatures (we called them Special Signatures), Signatures, Roadster owners that ordered Production models, and finally, the general Production orders.

Due to logistics, licensing, new delivery vendors, new staff and production issues there was some overlap and some cars were way out of order in the beginning. We were baffled and frustrated. Tesla did their best to get them to customers in order without holding back other cars that were ready to go. Once they got the kinks worked out, the flood gates opened and so many cars were going out that we couldn't track them anymore.

It does get better!

It is what it is. I have seen people get their cars earlier than me with VINs two-thousand places greater than mine.

I'll get mine when I get it.

"I want a golden goose and I want it NOW Daddy!"

P.S. Tell Volker.Berlin hello for us. We miss him here. :-)

It's none-sense to think all orders will be delivered strictly based on order of reservation. Other factors such as car configuration and specific delivery location play a factor. In fact, if the OP wants to look at Tesla website, the MS 85s will be delivered faster than the MS think otherwise is just spitting at commonsense.......

Any number of legitimate reasons can account for out-of-order delivery. What is your option list?

Patience. After waiting all this time does another couple weeks really matter? I'm sure Tesla is delivering as quickly and efficiently as they can. You are assuming the worst of the employees at Tesla, but I bet you would prefer people not assume the worst about you and your intentions whenever you do not perform absolutely to perfection.


You do need to calm down and take a deep breath. From what you have described, I think that communication between you and your local TM service center did not go through well. However, if you claimed that "TM spit on you as an early customer", then that you spit back to TM would only result an uncivilized childish flight. It won't solve your problem.

I am just curious that first of all, how are you certain that customers in Switzerland like you received their MS that they reserved much later than that you did? Second, how are you certain that the delay of your MS delivery was not due to the configuration changes that you have requested after you ordered your MS.

That said, since there are many factors that could affect a MS delivery to its customer, you need to look the whole picture to draw a negative conclusion.

Finally I would like to say, wish you get your MS soon and once you have your MS, your anger will be replaced by a big Tesla grin.

"Either it is ignorance, or incompetence, or preference of some customers. "

Or perhaps just a mistake?
I know how terrible the anticipation is, and to have it prolonged without a clear reason must be torture. I feel for you. But to find all these harsh words and to lose your "Vorfreude" seems a bit extreme. I'm from Switzerland originally, and I know things work differently there from here in California, where things are a bit more laid back. And I agree the explanations you received are unacceptable. But cut them some slack! You're getting the car not much more than a year after it was first released over here, where they've had to work off a huge backlog. I'd say overall that's pretty damn good.

And for god's sake, don't let this sour you on a car that will *change your life*! In a few days, this thing will be nothing but a fading memory. And the company will have plenty of opportunity to make it up to you. Just don't keep barking at them.

This is frustrating, no doubt. I had to wait 10 weeks from order date for my car and the OP has had to wait three years. He has been reading how wonderful the car is and now is frustrated because he is seeing cars arrive that were ordered after his. I would be frustrated also.
However, as others have said. I highly doubt this was intentional on TM's part. Talk to your delivery person as calmly as you can and while this is a tough experience you will forget it quickly once you are driving your S.

PS. As others have suggested I believe you should consider changing the title of your thread to something less inflammatory.

Suggestion: Frustrated with Delivery Sequence in Germany

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