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Time To Build Europe

S12 (EU) got his Time To Build email today and configured right away
Expected Delivery: 06./07.2013
Wondering when to expect my TTB-email
P1435 (EU)

EU SIG 52 FINALIZE button appeared to day- Finalized Sig Red, non perf , Tan, Pano, Obeche matte. 19 inch weels

EU Sig 45 - Finalize button finally appeared yesterday!

@psirnes, tomas.

Where are you from? Would be nice to see which regions/countries are currently being invited... :)

@jeroens: I am from Denmark

Brian, There is no up or down in space. We have no idea how the Earth is oriented on an inter galactic scale. But it is a rather accommodating piece of space rock or dust to ride on, and the view out the window is heavenly !!

I'll like the view even better out of the pano roof !

what's the highest number so far ?

As said, i've seen S348 and some roadsters.
Seems like all Sig's and R's might be handeld in one batch.
But indeed waiting for a higher sig to report.

OK, I have a different type of number, I presume because it is a Signature version. So with S223 when might I expect it to be delivered to me out here in Verviers, Belgium?

Opps, didn't see the above posts. Nevermind

Got this info during Get Amped Tour in Antwerpen yesterday.
After the Sigs TM will build 100-150 / week for the EU.
TM also told me I can expect my P1435 (res. oct-2012) in oct. 2013.
So with the Sigs-deliveries in june/july ..... and the 100-150 / week, you could estimate yours.

And some other answers I got:
- Superchargers? yes, starting 2013
- On route du soleil? yes; when? don't know; in a year? might be, but don't know; in 3 years? most certainly sooner than that.
- Chademo? no
- Console options: yes, working on it and will be coming
- Hitch for an bike-carrier: looking in to that seriously

The best answer I got was from the car itself: O Yeah, you want me !!

are you in the dutch part of the TMC?

Finalize button appeared today, also received the mail this morning. I'm in NL, S249.

Do anyone who has an ordinary car (not signature) got "the button"?

Julius: That probably won't be anytime soon. There are 500 signatures and 200 roadsters before the first P1. The highest S I've seen is 289 on Feb 7th. So another 411 to go to P1. Was told they'd do about 10 cars / day, but data gathered so far suggest a slightly faster pace.

One month +?

Reported on feb 11th:
Europe Signature #268 - Just finalized configuration.
Delivery July - August 2013

@ Julius,
I'm EU-P1.435
Last indication was delivery in oct.2013.
Let's make that oct-nov.
TM told me they plan to build 150/wk EU-models S's to catch up, say 600/month.
Finalize button appears at this moment 5-6 months before delivery window.

This is my guess:

P1.200 - P1.800 delivery oct.-nov.; finalize may
P600 - P1.200 delivery sep.-oct.; finalize apr.
P1 - P600 delivery aug.-sep.; finalize mrt.
That makes sense with the Sig's windows up till now.
Sig's and R's: delivery jun.-aug.; finalize jan./feb.

So my estimate for P1 is like Brian's: next month

Would like to hear from other P's if their indication fit in this picture

I believe you mean S1.


So if I am lucky...

P1.800 - P2.400 delivery nov. - des.

I have P2440 --> Jan. 2014

May I say: POKKER! :-)

@martijn, @julius
If I get mine in aug/sep, I'll be... fairly happy. I was really hoping for june, to get a bit of summer out of it, but as long as it's not winter when I get it I'll settle. :)

My rudimentary excel forecast also suggests March-ish for spesification, but the source data is a bit sparse.

Not in polite society. It has a very close sound to a very rude English name-calling word.


If your 600 / month is accurate, I have no way of knowing. You may want to redo your estimate including a cancellation factor. I think it is resaonable to figure 10 to 20% cancels. Some after pricing was announced others that move to a model X reservation


TM actually told me planning to produce 100-150/week. Making that a 125/week = 550/month
Considering an estimated 10% cancelation, my schedule works fine.

I should have said in my previous post: production for P1-P600 will take approximately a month, and so on.

Ah, than my 28xx is worthless for delivery in 2013 I guess.....
(We Dutch want it to bed elivered in '13 since in '14 taxes on electric cars go up....)

In Antwerp they said to factor about 11 months after order (EU) and they are aware of the tax situation in the Netherlands...

Dear dutchmen,

Is the Martijn following this threat also the Martijn who sells his S reservation on Marktplaats? For anyone being afraid NOT to got his car before 2014, this is a solution.

I have my dutch S finalized yet.

@Julius, pokker?? Sounds nasty, but a smiley; happy/not happy?
@Ojee99: that will be close, but might be just in time. My Timetable is just a guess.
@HP, Sell my res.?? No way!!
I "just" got a regular res. On marktplaats (Dutch eBay ) is a Sig res. Quite tempting.
Think I'll just wait a few more months
BTW, I thougt TM doesnt support selled's

@martijn: It is, in Norwegian language, a not-to-bad bad-word. Not so much in use today. So a smiley will be more like: I am happy, but I don't like it.

AND! Some one whit #1273 have been in contact whit TM.... So now I am happy, but confused!
If this is true and whit 100 cars/week it can be 12-13 weeks until I may sett my car in order.

Anyone had a new time to configure/build request?

Hoped to see more/later numbers pop up :)

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