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Time To Build Europe

S12 (EU) got his Time To Build email today and configured right away
Expected Delivery: 06./07.2013
Wondering when to expect my TTB-email
P1435 (EU)


thanks for the explanation.

The list is growing. Added our reservation.

Got my TTB email last friday (#936) and completed the configuration today. Exciting stuff!

Finalise button active. #1980 Europe.

85-NonSig Norway, Bergen. "Your Model S paperwork complete" this morning. I am not sure which # I have, VIN No"TBD" and RN135002. Delivery aug/sept 2013. Still a long wait!

@Sindre M
#1980! Which country? Highest so far I would say, and making me very excited with #1930.

Got my finalize button today (P1646 Norway)

P1435 (Dutch): got the Finalize button (no TTB-mail, as if I care now ;-)
Much earlier than expected. We've definitely got Tesla's attention now.

My goodness! Things are moving - fast. Sindre's #1980 is really encouraging. I feel the jitters, excitement building! :-P

Just spoke to the Tesla team.

Reservation # P2,732(DK) and latest delivery time estimate is now end of September.
TTB mail should be about one month away. Really exciting :)

@henrik: we are pretty close, I am 2853 in the Netherlands.... Great news. End of September would be.... WOW. I have two weeks of vacation coming up this Friday (Tenerife), so I have time to speak to the misses and "pre-finalize" ;-)


@Brian H:
"From Wikipedia: Misses has been used but is ambiguous as this is a commonly used plural for Miss."

I have several to talk to.

(Fyi, my native language is Dutch, a language Elon can speak as well, coming from South Africa.)

#1137 got the Finalize button (no TTB-mail)

Got mail from TM:
"Your Model S Performance Order
We are preparing your paperwork"


got the "Finalize" button tonight
P1265 EU(Switzerland)
not TTB mail yet- any way- exciting ;-)

Inspired by all you guys I checked for the button this morning, and the Finalize button has arrived for #P1650(DK) as well :)

no TTB mail, though...

Very exciting - and a little scary!

And so it's there... Finalize! P1930, Sweden.

Just finalized. P1832. Awaiting paperwork, probably today. Estimated delivery sept/ oct.

Noticed my finalize button today. Could have been there for a few days (not checking every day). P1076. Given the many other April 23 entries it looks like they have invited about a thousand reservation holders at once or (more likely?) they are selectively picking (based on location and/or configuration?)

Excited, but now I am forced to make final decisions (whether or not to buy, color, etc.). We'll see...

Just finalized P1650(DK)! Very exciting! Est. delivery Sep/Oct 2013.

Also waiting for paperwork :)

No charge here. No button! :-(

P783(Germany), received my TTB 24th of April, configured it, now waiting for paperwork to complete. Estimated delivery September/October.

They have long business days... Still waiting for paperwork :-)

First Belgian TTB-mail reported. S214

Recieved my TTB mail today... But I finalized last week. Seems they are a bit out of sync. Still waiting for paperwork though.

#1845: time to configure today (and finalize button). I'm in Italy.

Can't wait any longer...
Time To Build Belgium now ;-)

We got the button!

time to build and paperwork completed for sign perf #14 (Belgium), this 1st mai

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