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Timeline for production

When is the Model X slated for delivery to it's first customers?

Expect that to happen in Q4 of 2014, and if there is a delay, then surely in Q1 of 2015.

Tesla model x should be presented as definitive model at NAIAS 2014. Then would start shipping in Q4 2014.

Greetings from Spain.

In any case, in Geneva 2014 they must have a production model of the Tesla Model X ready. And they probably will.

well if they can keep raising their market cap at such a rapid rate, i don't see why they couldn't try and bump production

+1 We're all hoping so!

Model X rear doors, will one be able to open one door only and
not both at the same time, as shown in all the descriptions?

You mean like this...

Yes, of course you can. Why would they make you open both doors at once? ;-)

First time trying to post a picture. Obviously didn't work. Try this...

I'm not sure if it's new or not, but something changed today with my reservation.

I went to my profile page and my Model X reservation was moved above my current Model S. Typically, the S has been sitting on top.

I haven't ever noticed it (so not sure if it's new or not), but there was a red Upgrade button on my reservation. When I clicked through for the Signature Upgrade process, the verbiage said that Model X Signature would begin deliveries in early 2014.

Is this old language that hasn't been corrected?

If so, what caused the Model X reservation to see a promotion?

Acceleration from the big capital infusion?

@ rallykeeper

You should go to a Tesla Store and explain this to them. Or you should call somebody from Tesla Motors. They might/should give you some clarification on this matter.

By the way, will you keep us informed as well? Thanks

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