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Where are the superchargers?

We know the city's but not the locations. LA is at Space-X, but the rest ?

Thanks everyone for filling in the missing info. Thanks Gimp_Dad for compiling the nice list of addresses of 6 active CA Tesla Supercharger Stations.

Looks like TM likes outlet malls near a freeway. A good idea for both the Mall and TM. In exchange for giving up a few parking spots the Mall will get captive customers who need to spend 30mins to an hour shopping. ChaChing ChaChing.

I guess the dot in southwest Florida must be at the Premium Outlet in Estero/Fort Myers. Looking forward to a cross country outlet mall tour. In Florida we also need a SC on the Turnpike between Miami and Orlando.

@mbosem - Overlaying the TM map with a Google map suggests that the first FL charging stations are at the Fort Pierce rest stop on the Turnpike, on I-95 near St Augustine, I-10 near Tallahassee, and I-75 near Fort Myers. You might be correct about the Outlet location.

Think about it. Plenty of power distribution should already be at outlet malls too.

Yes, now how about some East Coast? The map was fuzzy but it looks like Fredericksburg and Petersburg in VA. Need that for next year's vacation. No more secrets, just do it!

I've added these to google maps:

Let me know if there are new stations to add, or whether it is useful.

Just don't drive there, expecting to use them. They still aren't UL approved, so they're still not usable by the public.

Ok, I think Elon said 4 were useable. Others may have said 6. Tell me which are useable and I will update the google maps with just those.

Anyone have a decent image of the US map of locations from the event yet? Maybe it hasn't been released because the locations were more conceptual than actual identified potential properties?

Not that anyone in these forums might take a dot on a map as a legally binding promise to put a SC in their backyard and cancel their reservation when it turns out not to be so...

I think they are just rough ideas.... if you notice, the one near St. Louis moves from one location in the 2 year plan to a new location in the long term plan. I don't think these thing are portable :-)

Please watch:
"This not something that's gonna be deployed some distance point in future. This is the video from today showing 4 of Supercharger locations in use. We have actually 6 of them installed already."

So you see, they are being used right now but not by the public because these are built in "secret." As of the unveiling night, only 2 non-Tesla people (which means public) knew the locations to use them: 1 is the New York Time reporter, the other is a Model S owner who took delivery in Vegas and needed to go back to the unveiling night.

The question is: since Tesla has not announced the exact locations yet so how is it possible that people have exact addresses and pictures already!!!!

Sounds like "Don't tell anybody" to make sure the opposite effect is more potent!!!!!!!!

Update that cem in my e-mail this AM...

TSLA: Tesla Motors (TSLA -0.2%) says that October...

9:52 AM Tesla Motors (TSLA -0.2%) says that October 19th is the date that its supercharger stations will open in California, enabling Model S owners to catch a charge to power their vehicles another 300 miles. The company set up the six stations strategically near restaurants and attractions. The bigger issue: If the EV market grows, which restaurant chain will be the first to add charging stations alongside their drive-through windows? (Read the comments on this)

What comments? Link?

Tesla sent an e-mail on 10/11/2012 announcing that next Friday, 10/19/2012 is "Supercharging Day" as the current 6 active Supercharger stations will be open to public.

Please correct addresses of prior Folsom and Tejon to the ones below:

Folsom Premium Outlets
13000 Folsom Blvd, Folsom, CA 95630

Gilroy Premium Outlet, near Sony
681 Leavesley Road, Gilroy, CA 95020

Harris Ranch (Near Harris Ranch Inn and Restaurant)
24505 W Dorris Ave Coalinga, CA 93210

Tejon Ranch (Near Yogurtland)
5602 Dennis McCarthy Dr., Lebec, CA 93243

Los Angeles (Hawthorne Municipal Airport)
3203 Jack Northrop Ave., Hawthorne, CA 90250

Barstow (Country Inn and Suites)
2812 Lenwood Rd., Barstow, CA 92311

Happy "Supercharging Day", Friday, 10/19/2012!!!!!!

Stopped at Hawthorne and Harris Ranch for supercharging on our way home from Costa Mesa to Mountain View. Hawthorne had 4 of 6 superchargers in place, and Harris Ranch had only one supercharger. Luckily, a Model S owner was just finishing up. The Harris Ranch charger is located at the Shell gas station (!) in front of the mini mart which houses a Subway sandwich store. The chargers are super fast! Next stop: Gilroy.

cychojoe, thanks for being the first to share your Superchargers experience. Can't wait to hear your next report!

Left the Gilroy supercharger location this evening. It has two operating superchargers and two other J1772 compatible chargers nearby. The Gilroy supercharger pumped a whopping 225 amps into my batteries (much higher than the Harris Ranch supplied). It was done supercharging from 99 mile capacity to 246 mile capacity in about 20 minutes! We weren't ready to leave!

Our whole trip from Mountain View to Costa Mesa and back cost us only $4.50 in parking fees. All of the charging stations we used turned out to be free, so "fuel" costs didn't cost us a cent for the approximately 1000 miles we put on during the past five days.

We only charged to the standard 240-ish mile capacity and not the 300 mile capacity. On the way from Hawthorne to the Harris Ranch supercharging station, we decided to skip the Tejon Ranch supercharging stop, and we had to reduce our speed on Hwy 5 from 75 mph to 65 mph to arrive in Harris Ranch with 10 miles left of capacity.


That's a great real life story on how to handle "range anxiety" with 10 miles to spare.

I must say I enjoy your reports thoroughly. Thanks again for sharing.

Now, if anyone knows where the secret location in San Diego, CA is, please snap a picture for us ok :)

Tam: I am happy to share.

I forgot to mention that last night we charged to about 240 mile capacity at the Tesla (non-supercharger) charging location in the underground parking lot at the Newport Beach Fashion Island mall. The folks in the Tesla store in the mall allowed us to use their adapter cable which bridged the connection between the normal Roadster cable/connector to the Model S connector. We charged for about 3 hrs while having dinner at and walking through the mall.

While driving to Harris Ranch from Hawthorne (sorry to jump back to this story again), we were able to estimate how much capacity in miles we needed using the on-board navigation and compare it to the estimated capacities (projected and rated; I think projected capacity is based on your driving habits during the past 30 miles and rated capacity is what Tesla estimates based on the battery charge) to get an idea as to how conservative we had to be with our speed.

We called Tesla roadside assistance a couple of times today. One call was to find the Harris Ranch supercharger (it was different than the Hawthorne superchargers which were housed under a roof full of solar panels) since we drove around the Harris Ranch complex and couldn't find it initially. The other call was also made at Harris Ranch for two reasons: the first reason was as we were getting off the freeway with 10 miles left, a message popped up on the screen, and it seemed to indicate low tire pressure and service was needed (we checked the tire air pressure, and all tires checked out fine); the second reason was as we finished supercharging, we received a message which said the car needed servicing, and the car might unexpectedly stop if we continued to drive it. The person on the other end of the roadside assistance call offered to have us towed to the nearest service center even after I told him we were in the middle of nowhere (I hope nobody in Harris Ranch takes offense). We told him that we would continue to drive and contact them again if we had further trouble. All seemed to turn out okay as we didn't receive any other messages on our way home. I think there's a software glitch somewhere that gives these overly cautious messages.

You might gather from all of this that we are calculated risk takers but, in reality, we were probably not very smart and just wanted to get home. To share another story involving unwise decision making, I once pushed the capacity of our Prius and ran out of gas but was able to coast off of the freeway on the remaining electricity (with all of these worrisome message popping up on the dashboard) and barely make it to the gas station just at the end of the off ramp.


I must say that you are the man! You've got practiced with the Prius and now you've perfected the art with Model S!!!!

I would imagine it is difficult to calculate the range because of 6% ascend grades to climb to the peak elevation of 4,144 feet for the Tejon Pass.

You certainly could hear the Prius roared and screamed at the Tejon Pass but how did your Model S handling the climbing up hill? Any hint of struggle?

On another subject, it sounds like Tesla needs to perfect the map to guide owners to all Superchargers in the US.

Also, I would be worried with all those electronic warning messages. However, I think you did the right thing to continue your trip home as long as there was CELL PHONE SIGNAL to communicate with Tesla.

Thanks again CychoJoe.

Cychojoe's story about Supercharger use raises an important point. Many trips are right at the extent of the model S range, perfect example being LA to Las Vegas at 265 miles. This means that many people won't need a full charge, in many instances a 10 min top up adding 50 miles would be more then enough. In Cycho's case a 10 min top up in Tejon would have had him arriving at Harris Ranch with 50 miles left and no anxiety or need to throttle back on speed. If such 10 min top ups become the norm then the supercharging experience really starts to look more and more indistinguishable from a gas fill up but free and without the stinky volatile carcinogens.

Aha! You're the ideal tester/reporter, then.

Tam: Yes, it was a bit difficult estimating the range going up to and down from Tejon Pass. We hit reset on the projected range calculator after Hwy 5 became somewhat flat again to get a better estimate. No problem whatsoever handling the climb up to Tejon Pass. The climb definitely seemed shorter than when we did it in the Prius. I have to admit that the Prius taught me to be a hypermiler (once I was able to maintain 65 mpg on a full tank of gas), and that habit hasn't rubbed off...yet.

Another comment about the Harris Ranch supercharger. One of the managers at the Harris Ranch restaurant/inn came out and told us that Tesla plans to put in a full set (qty 6?) of superchargers not too far from the existing supercharger. I would guess it would have the same roof full of solar panels we saw at Hawthorne. He also mentioned that the Oct. 19 media event for the superchargers was postponed. I am not sure why, but I was just glad they had some superchargers in place.

I'm pretty sure HarrisRanchs little out of the way charger was designed so Elon and the engineers could test it during development without it being obvious. Given that the LA to SF run is likely to be one of the highest usage I fully expect a Hawthorne style canopy array as a permanent installation.

Don't worry too much about the "You vehicle needs service" sign. Mine pops up occasionally, most often going over a pothole. It flashes for a second, then is gone. I've come to ignore them.


Has anyone used the Tejon charger yet? Am heading to the City (SF) next week and want to make sure it works.

I wish the nav system onboard the model S have the locations of all the superchargers programmed in, and we just punch in Supercharger as the destination, seems obvious to me this should be a feature. After the software upgrade last week I thought that would be added, but, no.

On the Leno interview the superchargers are mentioned in the nav so I must be coming in the next big update to solve these issues! Or at least soon.

Has anyone been to Harris ranch supercharing station recently? Have they upgraded to 6 stall station from one stall?


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