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Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF)

I got my Model S two weeks ago, and I now find myself taking the long way to work or anywhere else. Feels like I'm driving the future. I won't bore you with the details, those who have received theirs already know. My wife, however, is not a car person. We have three kids, and her minivan looks like it has been beaten with hammers. Based on my research of the Model S, I had put her on the reservation list for a Model X when it comes out. Upon hearing how nice (and expensive) the Model S was going to be, she said some time ago that it just didn't make sense for her to get a Model X. "Might as well take me off the list and get our $5k back."

She drove the Model S for the first time the other day without me. When she came back she said she thought it would get her into trouble. She particularly liked the way it could be cruising along with the other cars then, with a slight push of the accelerator, she would be completely separated from the pack. She said it felt like a video game when you push the turbo button. "You didn't take me off the list for the Model X did you?" Fortunately I hadn't gotten around to it. Now she has a year (or two) to learn how to take care of a nice car before she gets her own....

Kudos to Tesla for facing long odds and lots of naysayers to produce a fantastic car that will hopefully keep getting better with future updates. I just hope things stay on track so the company will be around for the long haul producing Gen III and other cars so that everyone can experience what we now all know.

Three and a half years ago, when I put down the $5K on my birthday, my wife was a little unsettled. But we both had jobs and I was passionate about the car and the concept. Thought about a Roadster, but I was going to replace an aging Jetta and needed more space.

When it came time to design online, she let me have full rein. She even did her own design for fun, but after I had finalized mine. We differed on the wheels, mine grey 21", hers chrome 19". Spolier for me (still not installed yet), none for her. Pano roof for her, none for me. 60Kwh for her, P85 for me.

When we were asked "do you want your car in 2012 or 2013" her immediate response was "as soon as possible!". Since I'd been waiting so long, I was still trying to tone down my excitement and anticipation - and I did so up until the point that she rolled up on the trailer at my house.

My wife couldn't have been more supportive during the whole process. It was her idea that the car needed a name, and that it needed to be female. And needed personalized plates.

I came up with the name (what's the female form of Nikola?), she came up with the tag.

Thanks honey!

This gives me hope that my wife will soon see that we need an S or an X (both?). She could commute for a week on a single charge (and I could probably go 2 weeks depending on time of year). She's not super pleased with the BMW she bought a couple years ago (hates the interior lighting and there are lots of rattles and squeaks). She wants me to replace the 8 year old Subaru Wagon I drive. The replacement needs to be able to go on trips though and I like to travel with a bicycle or 3.

I think a test drive would convince her but she's reluctant to put in a deposit. I guess I need to find a local willing to let us take one for a spin. If any one is in the Seattle area willing to do this let me know! ;-)


2 passengers and folded seats allow bike storage. After-market rear bike racks are also available.

Both of which I'm aware of thanks Brian. ;-)

I did forget to mention though that she thinks the falcon doors are ridiculous.

Wait she sees them in flight, stooping at 200 mph! Or thereabouts.

How about we drive the S for a year than give it to the wife and get a second hand Roadster Sport for $50K.

Great posts. I'm getting close to putting down the $5,000 to get on the list. My wife looked at me last night and asked if I was really serious in getting one. I told her yes. I have a feeling if we get it, I'll be fighting her for it. LOL.

@earlyretirement I agree with you. Just signed my paperwork last night. I suspect my wife will fall in love with it as well. She has a history of poo-pooing my many tech purchases, usually mocking my desire for them, writing them off as frivolous or lacking usefulness. This progression inevitably follows: Her curiosity surfaces; she begins using my product; she wants one for herself; finally, they become part of her life.

I'm a tech guy. Always looking for gadgets to make my life simpler and more enjoyable. I suspect most of you feel the same. You think she'd learn to trust me (us)! Below are the many items in question.

- Cell phone
- Couldn't understand why I'd want AWD, heated seats, electric this and that on our new minivan 10 years ago - she's since fallen absolutely in love with EVERY feature
- Laptop
- iMac
- iPhone
- iPad
- Nest thermostat

- Model S ???

I'm guessing yes. WAF forecast...favorable.

My wife first saw the S in the mall with my college age son. He's been following Tesla for years. She was curious what had him so enthralled, and didn't expected to be impressed at all. Cars are not her thing. Even Corvette, Ferrari, Porsche are just ... ho hum. She called me and spent 20 minutes talking about the S. Delivery next month. I think she will let me drive it occasionally.

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