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if you don't have a WSJ sub. search google for the article title and click on it.
"Tesla Motors Approaches Crossroad"

useless advice. All the Google results point to links referring back to the original sub.-only site.

Thanks, Nicu.

The article probably isn't really that interesting for the people who visit the forums.

Aside from basic facts about the car and the company, it also basically talks about how this is an important time for Tesla to prove itself. It talks about how its 2012 Q4 investor report will be important, especially regarding production productivity and 2012 sales/cars delivered. It also mentions the heavy short interest in TSLA, but that there are also plenety of people expected the stock to do well, and that Tesla has investment support from some major auto companies.

Interesting that TSLA is currently sitting above most analysts' price targets.

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