Electric Vehicle Incentives around the world

Select your location to learn more about incentives for the purchase and ownership of an electric car. Common EV incentives include tax credits, rebates, free parking, and unrestricted access to high occupancy commuter lanes on major roadways.



  • Financial

    Minimum rate on ATN taxe due to 0 emission of CO2 for EVs equivalent to 4 % of the « catalogue value of the car (i.e. Calcul de l’avantage de toute nature : 4% du prix catalogue est le taux minimum)


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  • Charging

    €2.500 Eco-bonus in Wallonie


  • Financial

    Lowest rate of registration.


  • Corporate

    Tax Exemption- Company-Corporate 120% write off instead of regular 50%


  • Financial

    No BIV tax as of 1 March 2012 (first admittance tax), road tax only +/- 74€ instead of 1900€.


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