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0-60mph in less than 4sec Tesla Model S

40 kWh - 6.5sec
60 kWh - 5.9sec
85 kWh - 5.6sec
Performance 85kWh - 4.4sec

100kWh - ???

So with the performance version they allow more peak wattage to the motor to allow for greater burst of acceleration. And with increased kWh battery pack you see better speed performance.

So in the future... If I upgrade my battery pack, to the newer 100+ kWh battery pack, could my "old Model S" see a new performance boost? I'm not sure how this all works out, but could be a huge perk to owner that keep their car in good shape and upgrade the battery pack down the road if Tesla build ones that can be swapped out!

Any thoughts?

Remember the box-fish car?

As for passing, remember Murphy's 22nd law:
22. It is said that if you line up all the cars in the world end to end, someone would be stupid enough to try and pass them.

"[1]I always wondered why the 0-60 time is so important. Anything around 6-7 seconds is in my opinion more than enough. [2]I care much more about range or anything else really."

[1] In the "capturing hearts and minds" and "viable alternative to ICE" areas, it's important. Until public perception of what EVs *can* be changes thoroughly, it's important for Tesla (and others) to go after this.

[2] After that initial mental shift has occurred, that deprioritization of inspirational acceleration is likely to occur.

More regarding [2]... To my knowledge, we don't have any official and public information that leads us to conclude that the 85 kWh Performance will get less range (for similar usage pattern) than a non-Performance. If that were the case, I would have expected to see an 85 kWH "extended range" edition that offered 350 miles for an additional premium of different "range-tuned" (vs. acceleration-tuned) parts.

To my knowledge, we don't have any official and public information that leads us to conclude that the 85 kWh Performance will get less range (for similar usage pattern) than a non-Performance. (brianman)

With the exception of the performance wheels, which are said to come with a range penalty of around 5% over the regular (narrower) wheels.

Re: 0-60 in 9 sec. How about a choice of acceleration or range? Choose what's important to you.

As far as getting up to speed on an onramp, I now drive a class B motorhome which is built on a Ford E-350 chassis with a V-8. 0-60 time seems like several hours. Anything with more acceleration will feel like a race car. At least for the first couple of days.0-60

btw, you will get better range if you accelerate less aggressively. So, there is a tradeoff between acceleration and range, but it's one determined by your foot, not by Tesla.

@Volker - Point noted. But you can get the non-Performance wheels if that's a concern. I was mentally lumping that in with "for a similar usage pattern" but you're right it's worth calling out.

Is that really true? If you end up at (and hold) 60mph, e.g., the same energy has been used to get there. Since the efficiency of the e-motor is so high throughout the speed range, where's the difference? It's not like you're blowing uncombusted hydrocarbons out the tailpipe like with an ICE under heavy load. As long as you're not "jackrabbitting" up and down and losing energy/heat through brake pads, or imperfect regen, I don't see that accel costs you anything much, net-net.

There is a factor of how long you stay in more losses speed and that increases with faster acceleration (given same distance). Also you do lose some to other inefficiencies. Losses should not be big though, not anything like you experience with ICE.

Tesla should offer an "eco" mode I think. A mode which limits the power (say, to 100kW) and maps the pedal travel to provide that over the whole range. It would make it easier to hypermile and make small power adjustments. Just like the eco-mode in the Leaf (except that doesn't limit power but it's 80kW max anyway).

The mode should be settable as default with password to disable it. Then you can loan the car to your kids without them being able to do 0-60 in 4.4 secs ;)

Even better, if it smart enough based on your calculated trip and back on you Model S GPS Map to figure out the best power/efficiance calculations to get you there and back (speaking of longer distances)

I am sure that any teenager is going to be able to hack your car in about 5 minutes :-)

Parents always forget that all these tracking phone work to the kids advantage too. Like after the kid hacks his phone so the parents think he's at Bob's house, he then adds an app that tells him where his parents are with an alarm that goes off if the parents are within 500 yards while he/she is hanging out at their favorite spot.

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