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$125 Frunk Organizer?!?

Am I becoming my father or is $125 totally absurd for a trunk organizer that amounts to a square zippered box?

I was excited to get one, but certainly not for that money. Now seriously doubting the center console is going to be reasonable.


You are "becoming your father". This is a $70-100K car. A branded piece of luggage that might cost $50 on the open market costing $125 is reasonable. I probably won't buy one, but it's not because of cost.

I won't buy one because of cost. Just because I spent a whole bunch of money for a car it doesn't mean I have to spend a whole bunch of money for everything associated with it. The organizer, the CCI, the branded floor mats and the rear deck shelf are simply overpriced compared to the alternatives. There is nothing to compare the car to so it cannot be overpriced. It's expensive but not overpriced.

+1 @jtodtman. The accessory page is on crack, $ wise. But I'm coming from a BMW and an Audi and I feel the same about their parts and accessories.

These are options and if people are willing to pay, then TM has a market for those items. As for me, I'd purchased a 3rd party rubber floor mats and a $16 storage box for the frunk.

@SamoSam - You're right, my dad wouldn't have the cars I have had... That being said, even coming from Porsche, I still find the accessory pricing ludicrous.

+1 unclegeek....You always pay more for upscale car accessories. But thanks for buying them. It does help TMs bottom line.

disclaimer: I have helped the stock price by buying the floor and
trunk mats :)

When they're asking $20 for an $8 pen of touch up paint, one can only imagine what they'll want for the center console. Personally, I can't wait to be the first in my neighborhood to have a tire tote.

It's all about alternatives. We are willing to pay a lot for a unique car that no one else produces, and that is in short supply.

It is more of a ripoff when a $20 divider made of plastic and no special expertise gets sold for $125.

But then, on things like that, you have the ability to vote with your dollars and get something else made more cheaply.

I thought you were all used to that accessory pricing since first iPhone/iPad etc.? Somewhat amusing, sounds like pure 1st world problems again.
(*locking doors and windows*)

I got mine 2 days ago. I think it is great.
Uses that little space perfectly. keeps what you want out of the way, and keeps other things put in the front from sliding in there where they are hard to get out. fill it up, slide it in, and when you want to, just grab the handle and pull it out. It will hold your tesla blanket, a tire repair kit, electric pump, raincoat, you get the idea.

There is a desire there is a market. Tesla Model S is a brand name and people who own the car would like to have any opportunity to be associated with that brand for being self-satifactory or being proud of this brand. Some want to pay top $ for the same accessories that others would view as purely waste of money because that same accessories can be purchased at Wal-Mart or Costco for much less $. It is a personal preference.

Tesla brand identity is growing fast. I was at the king of Prussia store a couple weeks ago and amazed at how many people were buying caps, shirts and mugs, etc...and they don't own a Tesla.

After noting the dimensions of the Tesla item, I browsed through perhaps two dozen sets and individual bags, large and small in her "luggage" closet. Found a never used, very rugged premium quality Nylon black bag with exactly the same length and width. Proved to be a snug fit, empty or full. Removable shoulder strap. Outside zippered pockets. Perfect for the cameras, binoculars, small electronics, flashlights, first aid kit, maps, etc. that can be so useful to have handy but that should be kept out of sight. Even with the frunk open the black blends in so nicely it is all but unnoticeable. And the shoulder strap makes it quick and easy to take into a motel room.

It's tapered to fit in there perfectly - you're not going to find anything else at any price that will use the space as efficiently (not that I need all the space, all I have in it so far is my overpriced Tesla-branded tire repair kit...)

The O/C geek in me wants an optimally sized frunk bag very much. The fiscally conservative accounting nerd in me says "$125? WTF?!?"

This time, the nerd wins. This time..

"This time..." Keep telling that to yourself! :)

After noting the Tesla item's dimensions, I browsed through her "luggage" closet. Found a very rugged bag exactly the same length and width. Black ballistic cloth, multiple zippered pockets. Snug fit full or empty and the black blends so nicely with the frunk that it is virtually unnoticeable. Perfect for keeping cameras, binoculars, first aid kit, small electronics, flashlights, maps, etc. very handy while completely out of sight of passengers and everyone else. Removable shoulder strap makes it quick and easy to take in and out of overnight lodging.

Sorry for the repeat. Internet crashed here so didn't see the first response post.

That's OK.

That's OK.

Bought the frunk organizer. Its pretty cool - fits perfectly and (sort of) insulated. $125 doesn't seem crazy for a brand name bag - would expect it to be twice the cost if it were Porsche or Tumi.

And if it was Old Navy . . . $19.95.

My answer to this situation: buy a $40 camera bag off the rack at Target and the $20 frunk cargo net off of the accessories site. Basically the same functionality for less than half the price! Win.

Volume = pricing. If the suppliers thought they could sell 30,000 of these, the price woudl come down.

125$ is def too much for a box. But that box fits perfectly and it looks amazing, is it overpriced? Yes. But Is it worth it? Also yes. Coming from a Maserati these accessories are definitely more reasonably priced.

I had some polo shirts made up years ago for a business I owned. Went to a custom embroidery shop. Brought my logo on a computer disk. They whacked out the shirts in no time.

Other places today can laser cut vinyl stickers, wood burn, or water jet through steel on a one off basis. Or go to Café Press, paste your artwork and order your one of a kind object from hundreds of items.

So I don't get mugged here, I am NOT suggesting you do this for sale. But if you want a set of Tesla logoed shot glasses for your own personal use, enjoy.

You're not paying $125 for a box, you're paying $25 for a box and $100 for the Tesla logo. :)

The same will be true when they announce the pricing for the Drop-In Center Console.

This may have been a high price but (a) the item seems quite useful to me and (b) it has been sold out on the Tesla website for some time. Does anyone know of a third party vendor who sells a zippered bag or similar item with the proper dimensions? From the Tesla website, it appears the dimensions are 18"W x 16"D x 10.5"H.


I found this utility bag on Amazon, fits quite well in the recessed area: Kolpin Atv/Utv Utility Bag

I got it is well done and useful and thermic. If you buy BMW, Jag accessories prices are way higher.

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