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#16,097 - Likely to configure within 4-8 weeks. Assistance with color choice

I would love to have the opportunity to see as many of the Model S color choices prior to finalizing my order. Has anyone been to the Seattle Service Center? Are there a variety of vehicles typical there to review? Any other thoughts for comparing the choices in the Puget Sound area?

TIA, Mark

I've been down to the Seattle Service Center multiple times. The shop seems to be always full of cars for delivery prep or adjustments, etc. You can see whatever they have there, more or less, but mostly you can't get up close or take photos.

Last time I went down to the Tesla paddock in the parking garage of Bellevue Square mall they had 3 different colors available to test drive, plus 2 already-purchased cars getting a free charge. I'm sure it's very hit-or-miss, but you could call up the retail store and find out what's in the paddock on a particular day.

I'm in the same boat as you. I saw a blue, sig red, and white so far. Love the red, blue is great, white looks blahhh

The black is amazing. Pretty hard to keep clean, but it's very sleek. The pear white with the special coating is nice. I've seen gray, which I'd call average. The green is very nice, but looks black-ish in the light, as does the blue. More subtle colors.

Where can I see the red in person??!!?!?!?!?!? Trying to decide between Red and Blue.

If I get Red, it is Tan leather. If I get Blue, it is Grey or Tan. Choices, choices choices....

@400ponies, I don't think you can. Besides it not going into production until March, I haven't heard of TM build any Reds early to put on display.

If you contact Lance the store manager at the bellevue store he can help you.

go to new Bellevue service center on 16th and 132nd. Every color but red is there as of today. my choice was easy-my son and his wife and my other son and I voted for midnight blue w/napa; my wife voted for blk/napa. so at 4-1 however, some votes count more than others, so we picked up our blk/napa today-very elegant!

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