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19 inch standard all-weather rims....

Has anyone yet seen a beta wearing them? If so, impression?

I would wait to make your decision because apparently that is a picture of the "design prototype" of the 19" aero rim (not even the whole wheel) but the actual wheel should be made available in the coming weeks.

So, is the "aero rim" more like a hub cap? I don't see where the lug nuts would go.

I wondered that too. And if so, is there an anti-theft mechanism? On my current car, the manufacturer has a special lug nut on each wheel to prevent theft of the wheel.

However, kudos to Tesla on the look. Much better than the photoshopped versions in the original Design Studio.

No, the "aero rim" is just a mock up. The real wheel hasn't been built yet.

Locking lug nuts can be purchased at any tire store or online (not that they prevent theft by any professional thief, but they keep the kids from stealing them).

The aero rim is butt ugly. Commuting around Chicago, I'm staying with the standard 19" wheel, until I can find a fit in aftermarket, a la the "Lorinser" style turbine wheel on the alpha.


Any word on the "winter tire" optional wheel/tire package for those that have signed purchase agreements that include 21" wheels?

- The aero rim is butt ugly.

No one has seen an actual aero wheel. Only mock-ups. The real wheel may look far better.

So you heard? The Aero is not being delivered for the time being. Just got my call. i am going instead with the 19" regular. Sounds like the mfr could not deliver. I wonder if it will come back some time later.

I was told that the Aero rims failed durability testing. I don't think they'll be coming back (at least not with the current design).

I was also told they failed durability testing. I'm hoping there is a better option available when I have to switch to winter tires.

My rep intimated that they are looking into additional wheel options and that, just as with the obeche wood, you'll be able to modify that portion of your configuration if they become available before your car is built.

By the time 7971 comes up, there should be something.

Any word on the "winter tire" optional wheel/tire package for those that have signed purchase agreements that include 21" wheels? (pilotSteve)

Some Sig reservation holder who has just completed his order mentioned in another thread that the option is available but price is still tbd.

I received the following from my customer representative today:

... due to vendor timing and low customer demand, we’ve decided to pull our 19” aerodynamic wheel offering.

The issue with the wheels was we weren’t able to secure things like images for our customers, etc from the vendor. Their timeline was just not matching up with ours. On top of that, a low % of customers had selected them.

Low demand and vendor timeline were issues we could deal with, but then the wheels weren’t gaining as much efficiency as we had been promising. A combination of all of those problems led us to pull the wheels, although we have completed the engineering surrounding those wheels so they could very well be an option in the future!

As of today, I still see them in the Design Studio, so there is still work to be done in getting the word out. It's too bad for us folks looking for maximum efficiency...

I made a new forum to discuss the aerodynamic wheel options:

I wonder if the posts calling them butt-ugly had any effect ...

Actually, I thought they were the best looking part of the Model S.

At least as shown in the Design Studio.

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