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@jerry, unfortunately thinking Tesla Motors is a UK company maybe the least worrisome misconception of TM and EVs in general. I would write a script for the next Bond film where a oil tycoon villain corners the world market in oil and adds a neuro toxin to control the populous. Bond then drives around in a Model S to counter the effects and save the day. We can even bring Sean Connery back for it... ;)

And how are you going to get it to drink the oil?


Released as emissions of course! ;) There have been much worse premises for movies then this one for sure! I was too "o" happy!

@jerry3, 007 two last actors have been rather good ones IMO. After Sean Connery, but before the rest (what is total actors now?). IMO this modern one is less... crazy, fictional ...than most of the others: I never forget Timothy Dalton truck popping a wheelie. It wasn't even 007 gadged truck, just something he picked up from the street. Or the general craziness of Roger Moore "Moonraker".

Haven't seen the latest yet, waiting for DVD. They are action-movies now.

@Docrob: I was not laughing, that was a serous though: nothing cooler than a villain running in a godawful roaring Ferrari and 007 catching up in seconds in a stealthy quiet Model S "Performance Plus", then dispatching him to the ditch. A few more awards, and the Bond franchise may ask Tesla for the rights to use the car.

As for thinking that Tesla is British, it will be clear where it is from soon enough.

Thanks @teslaver!

Yet again they managed to smoke the Model S tires - traction control off?

And look who's out front...

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