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20th June "Live-Demonstration"

in the Shareholdermeeting, Elon hinted, that on 20th June there will not be just a announcement, but a "Live-streamed-demonstration"... my theory was, that it is the Model S 2.0. A technical demonstration for sure is a new piece of technology.

Any suggestions?
It seems not to be a swappable second supercapacitor-accu in the frunk. What could it be?

This comment was the biggest news in my opinion. Am I the only one the was interested in the hint that their would be a live demonstration of charging the Model S in lest then 20 min? Would the demonstration show a fully depleted batter charge up in 10 min?

Or did I read to much into it...

Agreed jiminez, I thought it was important. I am not a fan of the battery swapping concept, but if the demonstration goes along with the under your nose comment battery swapping would have to be high on the list of possibilities.

I concur that it was the most interesting tidbit of information at the meeting. Everyone seems to be wrapped up around frunk swappable battery tech because of sec filings im not completely convince.(still in the realm of possibilities) I'll speculate that it will be a main battery swap at a service center which would only be exciting if they introduce a new higher capcity battery maybe 100-120kwh or more. Could be partly why Model X is delayed seems like it would definitely need more range. Just my opinion.

The comment was a lot of things. Information was not one of them.

I'm going to invoke Spock -

Logically, what would necessitate a live demonstration to fully appreciate?

Higher capacity main pack? Negative Captain - that's a spec, you don't need to see it live.

4G? Ditto.

But to actually see an Al-Air pack dropped into the frunk in about a minute, and then speed off ....

That's dramatic. That's big news.

EVs will suddenly fill faster and go farther than gas. Those are the missing superlatives.

Seeing is believing.

Live long and prosper Elon. \\ ///

Mark K +1

That's just Spockulation. >:p

They will demonstrate a 20 minute charge from zero to full battery charge.


Can't be. The June 20th has to be "faster than filling your gas tank"

20 minute fast charge WOULD NOT qualify

Doesn't it also have to be "right under your nose?"

maybe the under your nose is inductive charging in under 20 minutes... like the gas station comment he said earlier.. maybe im thinking to back to the futrue, ie the inductive charging is right under your nose!

Reli -

I've been thinking something similar and wondering if you can use induction at an energy level that would fill the pack in just a few minutes.

I watched the live streaming of the shareholders meeting and Elon was answering a question from a shareholder about whether it was true you could charge the car faster than filling it up with gas. I believe the demonstration on June 20th is Elon at a Supercharger location and they show the range going from near 0 miles of range to half full in less than five minutes. I think adding extra battery packs to the frunk sounds gimmicky and not Elon's style.

Also, this was a tweet from Elon back on May 9th. "There is a way for the Tesla Model S to be recharged throughout the country faster than you could fill a gas tank." This reaffirms my belief that the demonstration on June 20th will be a recharging demonstration at a supercharger.

@ SamoSam,

Can't be. The June 20th has to be "faster than filling your gas tank"

I'm sure Tesla will have an online calculator, similar to its payment calculator, that will show how a 20 minute charge is actually a 5 minute charge once you subtract for the time distortion field around the car. Sorry, i couldn't resist! LOL :)

Guys - you don't need a live demo to watch digits on your dash for 5 or 20 minutes.

They're done with SuperCharger announcements for now. It just doubled in speed (which is pretty darn awesome). Later, it will double again when battery buffers are in the Superchargers. But that won't happen for many months.

The quarterly report says they will have swap stations. I think you are about to see one, and the new frunk packs they will stock. ("Range Packs").

The fact that this is hard to visualize is exactly why a dramatic live demo is so smart. This will be a "shock" to the conventional wisdom about EVs being slow to refill, or having inferior range.

So we'll find out in 2 weeks. The uncertainty and guessing is a big part of the fun!

To fill up in less time than a gas station, you pretty much have to have either some form of battery swap or perhaps a large enough bank of ultracapacitors that could absorb the charge quickly and then feed it out to the batteries as they can take it. The problem with that is they have about a 10th the density of batteries, so even if you only needed 40kWh storage in ultracapacitors, you would need 5x the volume of the current battery in ultracapacitors.

So, my bet is on some sort of battery-swap, which certainly would count as a live demonstration.

it is a "live demonstration"

- you need a "demonstration" where the name is not self-descriptive.
4G is self-descriptive.
battery kwhr or mileage is self-descriptive.
number of minutes it takes to charge is self-descriptive.
Model S v2 is not.
- the significance of "live" is that you are looking at a process, not a thing
Model S v2 is a thing.
Battery swapping is a process and and only vaguely self-descriptive. The process must be seen to be understood.

someone needs to tweet Elon so we can rule out this swappable Al-Air battery theory. Why? That is so mind blowing that if true obviously game changing but if its not true major disappointment and whatever is shown would then be gimmicky no?

Didn't Tesla just recently make a big supercharger announcement? I don't think that's it.

Elon showed a big grin on his face when he discussed his 6/20 announcement on CNBC, but he wouldn't give any hints. If it puts a smile on Elon's face, it has to be a big deal. This is NOT going to be Model S 2.0 simply because making an announcement like that is going to kill existing Model S sales - very bad for Tesla since Model S production is still ramping up. Model S 2.0, if they call it that, will probably be 3-5 years away.

I also don't believe this will be a range extending battery in the frunk. It seems like an impractical idea at this point in time, and when you compare the large surface area of the battery beneath the car, anything that would fit into the frunk would probably not provide enough power to offset the reduction in range caused by the additional weight. I'm just speculating here.

My bets are on a final, shipping version of Model X that will be shown off in all of its glory.

+1 @AmpedRealtor

+1 @jat

+1 Atlantis

+1 Mark (Really liked the term "range pack")

So we know this is going to be about "fasting than filling your tank" and these are the possibilities:

1. Fast swap 1-2 minutes either in conjunction with Superchargers or at Service Centers or elsewhere. Could announce larger battery size (120kwh) available as an "upgrade" to go with swap.

2. Ultracap/supercap/metal-air frunk "range pack". Purchased at Service Centers, Galleries or with Superchargers.

3. Fast charging. Step up from 120kw to 480kw and a 5 minute charge.

Any other possibilities?

I'm remembering some indication the the "live" quality of the demonstration had an element of anxiety attached to it-- like something could go wrong. They'd know if some kind of frunk addition would add power, they'd know if a Superfast Supercharger would work, they'd know if version 2.0 is different. No risk in any of these. It might be more like some kind of swap. They might be practicing like a pit crew to get it done in under 5 minutes but sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Failing after all the build up would be pretty embarrassing.


I've already sketched out a machine that could remove the fastners below the Model S in less than 30 seconds. Putting them back on in the same.

Whatever design I have, I'm sure Elon has something an order of magnitude more elegant.

If it is a swap, I'm guessing that it will require NO HUMAN INTERVENTION. Pull onto a lift, the battery is detached, and then new battery rolls into place, and a machine re-attaches.

Car is ready in 90 seconds (that's my guess). Since a gas station can actually fill a tank in about 2 minutes. Elon could improve his odds in the scenario by filling a large SUV (like his Audi Q7) which would take 3 minutes.

The demo could even happen at a gas station? Nah.

I thought of that pit crew thing but that falls into the gimmicky category and not practical. I would get a good laugh at that. Investors and owners wouldn't find that to exciting or funny

Announcing the Tesla Transporter... where they are going to beam Elon from San Mateo to South Africa in under 0.5 seconds. The anxiety is related to whether Elon is going to arrive in South Africa with all of his molecules intact.

I hope they don't charge in 20 minutes and then say that's faster than a gas station fill-up if you had to go in and pay in pennies... or maybe someone very slow is in front of you buying cigarettes and lottery tickets...
They did that once already with the "own for $500 month" crap.

I'm sure it's another small announcement as the Supercharger and faster charging announcement was last week.

If I had to hope for anything. I want AWD with a second motor up front with 700+ hp. Then a demonstration drag race against the Bugatti Veyron Sport. I would then immediately trade my current MS.


I don't think this is going to be a speed-up in charge. Reason being that they JUST announced the step-up. If they announce another, people will say exactly what you said "WTF" unless it can happen in two minutes (which is likely not possible YET).

dstiavnicky -

I thought about the AWD for the 6/20 announcement because I know Elon was really careful NOT to announce that at the MT-COTY award in NY. But it seems pretty clear that the 6/20 announcement is related to "Tesla Model S to be recharged throughout the country faster than you could fill a gas tank"... We'll know 2 weeks from today!

Elon takes a 20 foot pile of boxers and briefs and lights them on fire?

@Amped - there is no way the wires in current Model S's could handle 480kW, much less the battery. Even with very low internal resistance, you are talking about dissipating enough heat to melt aluminum.

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