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2500 down on car or stock read on.......

I am NOT buying the car until May of next year. Do I buy stock, trade it in for down payment later, or put money down for car now?? My concern is the that with popularity and increased rave reviews and exposure they will raise the base model and 85 prices. I need to do more convincing work with my wife, the $ down isn't refundable after 2 weeks. (already have stock, bought at $40)

On a side note, an electrician I spoke with on phone told me he has license and insurance but pulling a permit would be a pain for him and cost me 50 bucks, is this standard for people who installed outlets in garages? Don't know if I need to pull a permit yet but will find out....

you don't need a permit. a friend installed my outlet for $190 including $60 labor

The answer to your question depends on how much "down" we are talking about. If we are talking about $2,500, TSLA stock would have to double by next year in order for you to make $2,500. However, the last round of price increases hit many buyers in excess of $3,000. There have so far been two rounds of price increases in 2013. The likelihood of TSLA stock doubling by next May is lower than the likelihood of Tesla increasing the price of the car by more than what you would make on the stock. Now if you were investing $25,000 or more into the stock, my answer may be different.

To guard against future price increases, why not reserve your car today and simply take delivery next year? I believe you can plan your delivery a year or so in advance. Lock in your prices today and pay your $2,500, then wait until May to pick up your car. You will protect yourself against any price increases between now and then, and should some compelling feature be offered in the next few months that you absolutely cannot resist, I'm sure Tesla would allow you to add the option as long as you are willing to subject your entire order to the prevailing prices at the time. That might be a "best of both worlds" option for you. If you choose May 2014 as your deliver date, the car probably won't be go to manufacturing until some time in late April or May 2014, which means that any common components that get changed or updated will be used in the construction of your vehicle.

Regarding charging, laws vary from state to state. If you are not adding a new electrical panel but are simply consolidating and/or adding breakers, you should not need to obtain a permit just for an extra outlet.

As much as I love the company and technology, from a value standpoint the stock is frothy at these levels. I'm not sure how anyone can argue otherwise. It's one thing if you bought this stock at earlier levels but its certainly no bargain at these levels.

The OP already bought stocks at $40. If he bought a 1000 shares at that price then the MS would be paid for already. If it's a 100 shares then he still has a nice size down payment.

I would just use the 2500 and play with options prior to earnings at this point.

jman: My sales associate told me that the deposit is fully refundable while the car sits on hold. Only two weeks after you finalize does the deposit become non-refundable. Just food for thought...

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