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2nd Tesla Model S Fire
  • The article says it all, although this occurrence has to do much more with driver negligence, and despite the scene there were no injuries.

    Is anyone surprised that the driver and two passengers ran away before the car caught fire?

    Look at the impact of the car from being launch in the air and crash landed on a solid wall and a tree.

    The rear wheel fell off and the front caught fight as a result of the impact. Imagine the same impact in an ICE box. Would the engine ignite immediately before being pushed into the driver?

    If you bang your head into a wall full steam, bad things are gonna happen (even with a helmet).

    Madre Dios! That's quite a crash and, again, the occupants walked away. A fire in a car that is already totaled is irrelevant compared to the protection the occupants got.

    That it happened at 4AM tells you something about the likely state of the driver (not that it's important to judging the car).

    I thought that the Model S wasn't supposed to go into Mexico. It seems like I saw that in the purchase agreeement. I assumed it was due to power concerns there.

    You just can't fix stupid!!!

    All the marajauna was burned up in the frunk.

    @Captain_Zap - I'd be curious how something like that would be worded in the purchase agreement:

    "This car may only be purchased provided that the buyer agrees never to take the car into Mexico."

    How would such a proviso be enforced, I wonder?

    Lots of storage room in the car....

    Still quite impressive that the occupants ran or walked away.
    It looks like the results would have been quite different in another car.

    Looking at the picture it does not look like the fire did much damage and was well contained. But the wall and tree certainly did their work on the poor MS peripheries.
    I would not want to be in any other car in a accident. As a structural engineer I find it is amazing how the passenger compartment remains intact in all the accidents I have seen. Some car!!!

    This is disturbing to watch. The metal piece, this incident, will there be a third one?

    @mrsspaghetti; can't be enforced, but....

    Declaring that so doing would void the warranty would be enough to dissuade any rational owner. Would likely also void the owner's insurance.

    Wayne - seriously?

    The Tesla Model S weighs 4600 pounds and has a very low center of gravity. To get it to go airborne this driver had to have some seriously crazy speed.

    So the car goes airborne at 4am, hits a center divider, the passengers have plenty of time to exit the vehicle and *flee the scene* and this troubles you?

    Hell, I see this and tell my wife that she is only allowed to take our son in the Tesla from this point forward. If she's on drugs at 4am driving him around, takes a corner at 100mph, flies through the air and hits a tree, then they'll both walk away and be able to laugh about it.

    Disturbing, my a$$!

    @Thomas N.
    If it is not disturbing to see a car burn, perhaps you enjoyed watching it with a bag of popcorn in your lap? seriously.

    I've always jokingly wondered why airlines don't make the plane out of the same material as the "black box" that always survives the crash no matter how horrible.

    The passenger compartment of a Tesla is like the black box! Incredible!

    Wayne - From your post I took it to mean that you found the TREND of the fires to be disturbing. First the metal piece incident, then this one and then will there be a third one.

    My apologies if you meant watching a Tesla burn is disturbing. I'll agree with you there.

    The reporting seems fair. The only thing that bugged me a little was calling Elon's defense "spirited", rather than "scientific".

    @KOL2000 I hope you are kidding. The black box is steel (because steel is cheap and fireproof), and it is protected by where it is mounted and its small size and mass. Making airplanes out of steel (beyond making them heavier and less efficient) wont improve crashworthiness. Your Model S is aluminum (like an airplane) and is more crashworthy than the steel ICE cars it competes with.

    It's a George Carlin joke or somebody like that. Make airplanes out of the black box material since it always is found intact. Of course it's impractical but it's also funny.

    I usually interpret "jokingly" to mean kidding--that's just me, though.

    Go airborne, crash through a concrete wall, walk away with the car in flames in the background... beat up an old lady... oh wait, I was describing my son playing Grand Theft Auto.

    All kidding aside, I am afraid there will be more like this. There is no shortage of stupid people in this world.

    Once people start looking past the smoke and flames and start to notice that drivers tend to walk away from these accidents, they will forget about misplaced concerns about batteries and think of Teslas as any other car, except many times safer.

    And so will Insurance companies. It's relatively minor to replace a 100K car compared to medical bills for injuries. You can blow through 250K pretty quickly with burns and a broken neck.

    After seeing that, I'm glad I own one.

    That was a stupid crash, and I somehow suspect Tequila was involved. Driver breath probably ignited the fire.

    @DTsea yes by "jokingly" I meant I was really very serious. In fact, they should make airplanes resemble of big black cubes. Tesla model E will be a rectangle made of steel. That would be very safe :)

    @KOL2000 Worked for the Borg.

    I didn't see anybody post this UPDATE so here goes:
    "Here's a statement from a Tesla spokeswoman, who says the crash did not put the owner off of Model S ownership."

    “We were able to contact the driver quickly and are pleased that he is safe. This was a significant accident where the car was traveling at such a high speed that it smashed through a concrete wall and then hit a large tree, yet the driver walked away from the car with no permanent injury. He is appreciative of the safety and performance of the car and has asked if we can expedite delivery of his next Model S.”

    This car probably didn't have the parking sensors. Otherwise the driver would have known how close he was to the wall...

    Agree with Rheumboy you can't fix stupid!

    LOL - thanks TI Sailor, needed a laugh to wrap up my Monday.

    This cannot be classified as a second TESLA fire! The car was driven recklessly and
    deliberately crashed !. No fault of the car or any of its components!
    Blame goes to the driver !! not the car!!

    There is one saying about repetition...
    What happened once was anomaly, what happened twice will happen for the third time.

    But I like that after intesive usage, many milion miles driven and several really bad looking crashes by Model S customers, there's yet to be severe injury. Hope it will stay that way...

    But why the fire ? why did it catch on fire ? just the speed ?

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