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3 Month Tesla Repair

This week marks three months since I was rear ended in my lovely P85. The car had 1200 miles on it. And it still has 1200 miles on it! Maybe one or two more as it has been shuttled back and forth from the Tesla Approved body shop to the Tesla service center for the past 90+ days. Don't get me wrong I love the car., least I think I do. I can't really remember much about it. The problem is parts, I am told. They just didn't have the body parts available. Tesla certainly shines a bright light on the future of automobiles, I just wish they would take care of those of us that bought today.

I am thoroughly impressed!! I contacted George and Jerome. In less than an hour I had a response apologizing for the delay from Jerome. And this is before 7:00 am California time. Apparently they track all cars that are in for repair and it seems my car didn't get on the list. Jerome is looking into where the process broke down.

Update, The parts are in and the car is expected to be complete by the weekend.

Excellent news, glad to hear. Have a great weekend! :)

Unfortunately you are not alone. I am having a similar experience. After someone rear-ended me, I had to wait over six weeks to get the parts. Luckily, I could still drive the car. But now, it has been in the shop for over a month as they attempt to repair the noisy pano roof for the third time. Telsa really needs to solve these part and service problems. It is a great car. I just wish I could drive it.

The same thing is here. I was rear ended and now I was told it will take over a month to fix rear bumper. The shop estimated over $ 18,000 in parts and labor. It's crazy. There is also no paint available and the shop has to mix and match the color. Unbelievable. And Tesla recommended me this shop.

10 lashes for Jerome with a wet live cable! >:(

18K seems too steep to me for a bumper accident unless there was also significant damage to main body too.......

Crumple zones are great for safety. For body repairs, not so much.

18k makes me suspicious the rear end of your battery pack may have been damaged too.

"Brian H: 10 lashes for Jerome with a wet live cable! >:(
HUH? How 'bout 10 compliments for taking care of something within 12 hrs of finding out about it?

Tesla need to fix the process, so that everything gets on his list, but it sounds as if he is handling the list.

misread - sorry 1 hr

Wow, and I was bummed when I scratched the passenger side rims.....

jeez, I hate explaining jokes.

y was incredulous and ticked the paint match wasn't immediately available, etc. Jerome's goal and mandate is to make 'all customers completely happy.' Tough challenge, here.

The lashes were intended as an excessive, probably fatal, rebuke. For y, probably not sufficient!


Please contact me directly with your concerns regarding the repair of your vehicles or the Tesla Body Repair Program” or if you have any questions and i will do my best to answer and resolve them as quickly as possible.


Andy MacDonald
Tesla Body Repair Program Manager

A thought -

It might be worth considering a centralized body repair service at the factory.

This may be less work for TM than training/stocking/communicating with heterogeneously skilled independent facilities. The trucking cost may be considerably less than the other costs.

Most customers would also feel better about a factory verified repair.

Because this is new tech, it may make sense to defer the body shop liason program until the volume is at Gen III level.

Stories of $18K repairs is also not helpful to the brand.

Personally, I would far prefer the factory handle it.

Hi Mark.

The Tesla Approved Body Repair Network are being trained at the factory in Fremont with factory technician support provided locally where necessary at the approved body shop. The body shops we are working with are carefully chosen for their experience in dealing with Aluminum body structure repairs and high end vehicle repair experience. The cost of repair is generally directly in line with the extent of the damage. The repair methods are factory developed and approved with the same equipment and materials used as per the factory in terms of welding and joining techniques. Our Approved Body Shops work in partnership with their local Service Center to ensure that damaged vehicles are returned to OEM condition. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me on



Shipping the car from NJ to Fremont after a fender-bender would be slow, expensive, and just silly.

Two words- hyperloop

Andy - thanks for the post - sounds like TM is already making the investment to make sure authorized independent body shops are doing it right.

Going forward, the lengthy repair time for the OP should be an outlier case.

Awesome work guys!

You still owe me a word.

IAC, Elon is promoting it, not building it.

Strategy here is to find out when the parts get delivered. Then have the repair done. if everything is well planed you never loose your car more than two weeks. My roadster was hit already for 3 x times and I do have the experience for this type of planning. Just make pray that your car is still drivable.

Have an Audi TTRS, all aluminum. Accident on May 30th and did not get car back until late August. Not a unique problem to Tesla.

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