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3 Months in, 2 Minor issues on the 'wishlist'

Going on 4 months ownership and I'm still absolutely astounded by the car (P85), but there are 2 issues I'd love to see fixed in a future update:

1. The touchscreen is really well designed, but the Homelink button is really really small and difficult to use when it pops up. Unlike the personal preferences button next to it (it's got much of the same functionality, but you're usually in park when you need it), you're using the homelink to open the garage door and the car is moving. It's also waaay at the top of the screen (and I've got big clumsy hands) so every 3rd or 4th time I go to press it and I open up the Homelink program screen instead. Also, since I live in a fairly densely populated area, there's often some signal interference and the first press of the button doesn't activate the garage door. When I press it a second (or third) time I miss and open up that stupid program screen again. Probably just going to put a clicker on my visor again, but I'd love to see a homelink function added to the right thumb-wheel options.

2. There's a bug in the way the forward and back buttons on the left side of the steering wheel interact with the XM radio. They work perfectly when you want to skip a song on Slacker or scan FM or AM, but if you're on XM channel 28 and want to go to 29, if you hit forward it goes to channel 0 for some reason. Then if you hit forward again it goes to channel 50.

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