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3G working after importing a car

Hello there,

I have a few questions, so the US version of the car can be imported to Europe, have it's headlights converted and pass the European homologation requirements in a few hours worth of labour, there's no engine so no noise/emissions have to be taken into consideration

The US uses AT&T signal, what SIM card does Europe use?
I've seen a few RHD Teslas sold to the public in the UK being driven around on the motorway, what SIM do they use? Do they pay for 3G? Does the UK 3G work in France, Europe? What about Europe, but outside of the European Union (Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Macedonia?)
Would the 3G on a car imported from the US work in the UK or Europe?
Do Tesla sell their cars officially in Russia or Ukraine? I have seen an Austrain plated Tesla Model S being driven around Lviv, I assume that has a 3G connection, did they specifically configure the modem for Ukraine or does every European Tesla have 3G connection over there?
Taxi buisnesses have begun to import Teslas, and I've seen Russian newspapers being displayed via the internet, again, do they use a 3G modem and pay extra, or are there Russian dealers?

Finally, which models will support 3G in North/West Africa? If AT&T has roaming agreements with certain countries, am I right in assuming that 3G will work in those countries? If the onboard GPS doesn't have maps for a certain region, will Google Maps still work?


The US uses AT&T signal, what SIM card does Europe use?

Various. No single provider, each country has their own, probably several providers. It's rather complicated question, you better use some googling around.

This might help:

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