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40 kwh deliveries?

I received a Model S 40 kwh delivery date of June 13 VIN.......11088. I should be about the last one as I ordered April 1st after the announcement that it would be discontinued ;>)

With the time required for transport mine to Ontario Canada and my late order, I figure there must be some California 40's out there by now.

What about regen? If the limitation is "strong", regen will not be able to "overfill" the 72% level.

@Brian H
heh, that could be interesting test... tow the car uphill and then regen downhill to charge it to more than to 72% :-D

btw: interesting that it allows 72% since 40kWh of 60kWh is 2/3... that means it should allow only 66.6666% :-)

I think they accounted for the extra weight of the 60kwh battery and whatever extra energy that would pull compared to a true 40 battery.

EXCELLENT information!! Thank you for sharing.

My app connected for the first time but says remote access is turned off. Getting real close now!

I think we're getting a good deal - 72% of 60 = 43.2 vs. 40.
Vin 10723 being delivered 28th. (Las Vegas)

Did everyone have to pay for shipping of the hpwc? And a CA tire fee? I don't live in CA

The 72% is a much better deal that it sounds, considering that we are getting 100% of that battery versus the recommended 80% or 90% charge on other packs. Really we are only an 8 to 18% difference from a normal 60 as opposed to the 31% difference originally planned.

How many "40/60" produced? How many 40s selected to upgrade before delivery?

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