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40's and Status Changes on 3/26/2013 (just the facts, please don't clutter with speculations)

On 3/26/2013 the status of my 40kwh Model S changed from something like "order submitted to factory" to "factory is building your Model S". Did this happen to every 40 buyer who has signed an MVPA, or just to those with a specific set of configuration options. Please post your configuration and indicate if your status also changed on 3/26/2013 as described above.

mine: 40kwh, green, pano, 19", air susp, textile
status changed on 3/26/2013

Best regards to everyone!

The cell impedance is pretty stiff down to about 10 or 20% charge, so the performance is pretty consistent if you stay above 20%.

Life is optimized if you stay away from the extremes - both full and empty.

As a rough guess, they'd probably want to use the middle 40 kWh of the 60 total. Effectively, they'd try to stay between 10-50 KWh of charge.

Who knows if it's accurate, but when I called to reconfirm my 40 kWh last week (i.e. no upgrade), I asked about this, and the Tesla rep seemed fairly confident that the battery would charge completely with the bottom 20 kWh unusable. Hopefully, they will tell us before (or when) we get our cars.

Thanks Mark and Longhorn. Both ideas make sense. I encourage all 40 buyers to call TM to see if a specific EOL date is in the system yet. I'm not sure if the staff at the TM call center have access, but the staff at your local/nearest service center do. Again, ask if an EOL date is in the system for your specific car, not just an estimated date whiich could vary depending on who you speak with.

I was at the Tesla store on Wesdesday inquiring about a date for my 40 kwh. I was told there were a lot of "notes" on my order but no dates anywhere.

I think they'll have to allow slightly more than 40kwh to compensate for the weight of the 60 vs the expected weight of the 40

Am I remembering correctly that the plan for the RAV4 EV was for it to use the same battery cell type as the 40 kwh Model S? If so, does Tesla's change to not build cars with the originally planned cell mean that Toyota will change which cell they're using?

Good question. As I recall, Tesla scrapped the 40 concept due to low performance not good enough for a Model S. Toyota likely has different (lower) needs or expectations for a RAV4.

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