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Is 4.4 seconds vs 5.6 seconds alone worth $10k?

I posed this same question over on TMC - sorry for the repeat but trying to reach the widest audience. I am considering upgrading to the performance. However, I wouldn't get either the carbon fiber interior or the performance rims - just not my color tastes. I don't really care about the exterior accents. Plus it would force me to go to the black interior from white - I can't have white alcantara with two kids, they will destroy that in a week. SO that leaves the question - is going from a 60 time of 5.6 to 4.4 really worth $10k? Is 5.6 "fast enough?"

About 15 years ago, I think, Porsche introduced a significant bump in power and acceleration. The police started to notice an increase in rear end collisions at speed. What the learned was that the cars accelerated so fast that people did not have time to pull out to go around someone before the rear ended them. I am a little concerned that so much power/speed in the model s is an accident waiting to happen. I am a good driver but am I good enough to always intelligently manage that power? Undecided but it gives me pause especially if other ever drive the car.

Just for fun, google "increase in rear end collisions at speed" (without the quotes) and you'll see an interesting correlation.

I can't find the links to increased performance from Porsche increasing those kinds of accidents.

Oh yeah baby! It is worth it, especially if you already have the dough for a Sig!

My wife asked about the difference in the 4.4 verses what we drive now.
I said, "You know how you hate it when I hit the brakes hard because your head surges forward?"
Wife, "Yup"
Me, "If we get the performance version I will be able to throw your head back into the seat just as hard!"
Wife, "I don't want the concussion."

My husbands mid life crisis car is a 2011 Ford Mustang GT that does 0 to 60 in 4.6 secs. There is nothing more fun than taking that out for a spin. I love the feel of the acceleration as I get on the highway. I would love to get that feeling, along with the constant press of G force, in my S.

I really need to stop reading this thread before I find myself dipping into my sons college fund to pay for the performance S. :0)

My wife says the perf S is my mid life crisis car. But I figure I might as well go big or go home, ya know?

Amen Jason, Go BIG or go home!

The perf option is only an extra $12k (for non-Sig) if you were already getting the leather seats and air suspension....

So $9k extra if you are also getting the 21's, performance car needs the performance low pro's

I've never regretted getting things I did get but I've often regretted not getting things I could have. Sig power with a pano roof and kids seats please!

"Oh Baxter, you're so wise. Your like a little Buddha, with hair."

DarrellH, I was referring to your statement above. Now, to sell the Performance to the wife.....

BTW I am assuming black Alcantara is easier to clean than white, and that the pano roof is truly state of the art in blocking sunlight.

OK, I need some opinions here. I've almost got my husband to agree to let me get the Performance S. I'm going to have go with the basic white or black, no paint upgrade, and I'm going to pay for the pano rough out of my allowance. So the only other thing is I have to give up the tech package. Most of those things I don't have now, so it's not like I'd be missing them, but wanted to check to see if there was anything in the tech package that would really be worth having. That I would regret not having.

Any thoughts?

People say the headlights are really nice.

Most of the other stuff seems like quality of life things. Nice if ya have them, but if the pano roof is already a stretch then can prolly pass on the tech pkg.

To me, the Tech Pkg is absolutely worth it no doubt, brings the Model S up to where it belongs option-wise, while the performance option is something I'd only consider if I didn't have kids (three) to feed... But that's just me, you asked for it.

I agree. And I like really fast cars. Guess it is a matter of whether you like the technology aspect of the car or the speed. Personally, I would go tech and forego the 1.2 seconds. Again personal taste. Depends if you are a Steve Jobs or a Ricky Bobby.

@volker and Drj

So what specifically do you think is available with the tech package which would have you choose that over 1.2 sec? At this point I should probably mention that I was only going to get the 230 originally which puts me at an icrease of 1.5 secs. But with that said I'm interested in what about the tech package you feel is superior.

Wow Liz, I'm impressed! Passing on finery to go for raw muscle ... that's usually guy-stuff. Is there a latent Cougar inside you?

I'm thinking I'll skip the tech package. 21 inch wheels and air suspension add more zest to the ride.

It's totally unnecessary, but that 4.4 sec does create a cool juxtaposition. The gas-free EV that smoothly and silently blows away virtually every air-breather.

Air-breather-- makes it sound kind of noble. I prefer dinosaur burner.

Am I the only one who thinks Liz shouldn't have an allowance? Stand up for your rights, girl!

Liz … you rock:

go for the speed!

I have the same tough choice Liz. 60kwh pack is sufficient for my needs and fits my budget. Can I justify another 19K to move up to the performance? (moving up in battery and subtracting the tech package..) A sub 6 second car is already faster than most cars on the road so I am finding it hard to justify the upgrade.
My 2 cents.

Liz, you put up a very good point. Tech package seems a little pricey for what you really get/want. Personally, I really want the keyless entry, nav (kind of, I don't use mine that often, and when I do my iphone is usually more accurate), and Homelink. Hi-def camera - dont care, rest is kind of "eh?" So, if you aren't necessarily looking for an iPad with quick wheels, and rather looking for a Maserati with colorful center console, then go for the performance!


The allowance was actually my idea. He likes his toys and I like my clothes and purses. This way we never fight over money or who spent money on what stupid thing, since its out of our own stash.

That's a budget, not an allowance.

This is why my wife and I have separate bank accounts and I have funds transfer every month to her account to cover our bills. She's in charge of paying them. If it was me they would never get paid on time unless I can setup an auto-pay for those accounts. Even then I most likely wouldn't audit the bills so, yeah, vicious cycle. It's all about what works best for you and your situation/personalities.

This is why you can't please everyone when it comes to what we all want in a car and compound that with the fact that some of us will spend much more then we EVER have for something on 4 wheels and you get some strong opinions.

Talking with Kyle Brazil at the Menlo Park TM store, we touched on the options available on the Roadster because they had the purchasing options that Lotus did as part of that licensing agreement. It took months for some owners to design their Roadsters from the long list of options available. Tesla learned from this and have provided less options this time with the Model S, that and also because this car is built from the ground up by TM, they don't have the buying power of a Ford, GM or Toyota to get the attention and pricing for those options. What they can do however is work with smaller vendors and make the car feel more custom with things like the perforated leather in the Signature for example.

It might just be me but after the first 2 or 3 years I don't even use the sunroof in my current car. The cover just stays slid closed so I don't even notice it's there. That's why I am skipping the pano roof even tho it looks cool. I'll think it's great for a few years and then never even notice it for the next 7.

The other down side for my budget with the performance is buying a second set of tires for the winter. Sure I can just get the 19" wheels but I am already paying for the performance wheels with the performance package. I just can't throw away $3500.

While I think the battery costs for upgrades are a good deal I think they are high for my budget which is why I am at the 60kW battery.

All that said I have a feeling if I test drive a performance and like it (and my wife likes it enough), I will be getting one.

I'm with Liz on the tech package. I can take it or leave it.

DrJ, it all started awhile ago when my wife needed to replace her car. I showed her the Tesla Roadster website and she said we should get it. In addition, she picked the color and put racing stripes on it. Though she needed a car, I got a new daily driver.

For the S, I recently told her we should get the performance option. She said she didn't want it. So, I told her this time I was picking out the color of the car and I wanted racing stripes. She said "NO WAY!" I said "racing stripes or performance." We are getting performance.

See. It was easy! 8-)

So, you set up a choice of a car that has speedster skin but no actual special sauce, or one that looks ordinary but has hidden talents. I like it!

Is the acceleration really still there at highway speeds? How close to top speed does it begin to fall off? If I'm going 75 and want to punch it up over 100 for a few seconds to pass a line of cars, does it still have it? Will the perf model be significantly different at highway speeds?

Brian H, we do love hidden talents!

MandL, the acceleration is really still there at highway speeds. Haven't hit 100 yet but did get up to 95 VERY quickly. I need to stop listening to my wife when she says to punch it!

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