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Is 4.4 seconds vs 5.6 seconds alone worth $10k?

I posed this same question over on TMC - sorry for the repeat but trying to reach the widest audience. I am considering upgrading to the performance. However, I wouldn't get either the carbon fiber interior or the performance rims - just not my color tastes. I don't really care about the exterior accents. Plus it would force me to go to the black interior from white - I can't have white alcantara with two kids, they will destroy that in a week. SO that leaves the question - is going from a 60 time of 5.6 to 4.4 really worth $10k? Is 5.6 "fast enough?"

Yes, it is a great family car … but

think how much fun you can have without the kids in the jump seats @ 4.4 to 60MPH and beat many of the cars in the links I posted above !

Even more fun WITH them in the jump seats! They'll love it ...

My kids would probably start waving their hands to the car behind us and ask me to put the pedal to the metal. Fun for both the kids and me :-)

"Safety helmets (kids size) are included with the optional jump seats in the Model S Performance." ;-)

That explains why the rear jump seats have a harness that looks like a NASCAR setup. When you hit the accelerator they POP forward suddenly and it would keep them from pounding their heads into the rear / trunk window.

Anything approaching 4.6 is going to turn you into an aggressive (dangerous) driver.

And how many times will you really need it to either pass someone that ought to be passed or impress someone that out to be impressed.

I like the idea of spending the $10K on a fur or expensive clothes for your wife or maybe some great outfits for yourself.

Because you'll need to step out of the car every day and won't it be nice to look as impressive as your car.

In our case, our country club seems to be getting pretty car conscious and there's a lot of keeping up with the Jones. My buddy just bought a Maserati and another one's getting an Audi 8.

The Model S and new clothes for the people stepping out of the car at the valet stand will be much more fun than accelerating out of the parking lot (over the speed bumps).

No problem, you can purchase your outfits here:

Nice plug. Used to live in Dallas, would've been a good idea.
The country club here in NJ bans blue denim. Not really a "country" club is it.

I don't have any actual connection with them other than the purchases I make.

I'd ban denim, too. Haven't worn it for about 50 yrs. Worst fabric this side of burlap. Heavy, doesn't stretch or flex, holds water, wears poorly, traps heat when it's hot but not when it's cold.

I also have a roadster so I decided to take the performance pkg. And with 36% subsidies on electric cars here in The Netherlands it is still cheaper than an Audi A6...

Update from an owner: "I did not opt for the performance version. Unfortunately speed is like a drug and you will want more but three weeks in I am completely satisfied with the standard version. I previously drove an Acura TL and the torque on the S is just unbelievable. I can only imagine the tickets I would get with the performance version. I am sure the performance version is unbelievable but it is hard to imagine it being any faster. The standard version is fast!"

Just stick with the standard, you've got two kids, you aren't going to be street-racing. 5.6 is going to be fast enough (it's really fast) for 100% of your needs. The 100% torque from a standstill and no gear shifting is the most impressive part of the car's performance, the additional speed is secondary.

Once I saw the differences between the Performance interior and the Non-Performance interior it tipped the scales to Performance and there was no going back.

To answer the question "as asked" in a word, No

Well, if you were planning to get Active Air Suspension and 21" performance tires, it's really less than $10k. Works out to about $500 per 0.1 second.

Is it worth it? To me, yes!! And it's 1.2 seconds faster and not 0.1

I wanted the red striping and CF interior and wanted the dark 21" rims so reintegrating, YES! Well worth it considering the amount of time I plan to keep my Model S for and want to bramble to upgrade my battery later and have all the options available which includes performance options. This is a gift to me for my hard work, not going to short change myself and regret my purchase later.

Bramble - be able

Sorry, reread and better understood the .1 seconds per $500 referance after posting.

Well, if you were planning to get Active Air Suspension and 21" performance tires, it's really less than $10k. Works out to about $500 per 0.1 second. (DouglasR)

I can tell you're trying really hard to rationalize that decision... Now, if you divide those $500 by the number of years you are going to drive the car, and the average number of passengers in the car, and the number of wheels on the car... it turns out, you can actually get the performance version practically for free! :-D


Good one :)



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