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4.5 Update rolling out

Perhaps this is a better way to discuss the topic of software updates, rather than bumping an unfortunately titled thread about the effect of an incomplete install of 4.4 on one owner's car.

So, how is 4.5 going? I'm still waiting. I'm on 4.4 and have had no problems with my car of any kind, ever. I love it. It just keeps improving.

Took delivery with 4.4 back on 4/26. Just got the notification about the update to 4.5 and took it. Came back 20 minutes later and it was done saying it updated successfully.

But how tall are you? ;p :D

It's starting to look iffy for the 4th of July (6'8")

I should fare better with 4.6. Rumor has it they're switching to virility... :-p

How many illegitimate kids do you have?? Expensive test.

4.5 was advertised to my car today. Instead of waiting until 1 a.m., I let it start before 7 p.m. 4.5 (1.33.44).

Display notes explain what we get.

Sliding charging level allows you to pick between higher or lower daily level before you reach trip level. Interesting.

Superchargers on the map and listed as visited sites.

My 60kWh received 4.5 1.33.44 last night. Release notes identical to others reported.

Noticed a nice draw from power while plugged in when I got in the car this morning and the A/C started running. It started at about 10 amps and decreased as the compressor slowed down. I dialed amps down to 15 last night to finish charging close to when I planned to leave the house.

 photo plugged-in_zpsf29e5511.jpg

Also, dragging app icons down to the bottom panel seems quite a bit smoother than on 4.4. Looks like it blanks the rear-view pretty fast instead of trying to overlay.

Is there any guidance provided on the optimal level of charging?

It just has a "Daily Driving" range indicated on the charging slider that is from 50-90%. I set it to 80% and got 168 miles on the dash (60 kWh model).

On the Supercharger announcement, Elon just said that the best way to store a battery pack was "cold, at a mid state of charge". So if you can keep your battery around that level, it would imply you'll maximise its life.

Got my notification to update this afternoon. I am 5'9", so I think the height idea is out the window. Got my car in 5/8 with 4.4. I'm hoping for a smooth upgrade. While there's a slider for battery charge in the car, what happens with the app? I haven't seen an app update recently.

Correction: "car on 5/8"

@Brian H none of my Lexii or my porsche do this when left in auto. Does Tesla know the meaning of auto.
I'm 6'2" still no 4.5

Got 4.5 last night. Had message that car had problem and to contact Tesla. Did so, and they fixed it. Seems the hvac was looking for a piece of software which was labeled one thing in 4.4 and something else in 4.5. Was told this would not have affected the driving of the car.

Been trying to update to 4.5 all evening. Every time the 2 min countdown completes I get a "cannot update the car at this time, try again later" error. Scheduled it for 3:00am so let's see if that helps.


No update for me but wanted to tell you that you don't have to drag the app to the window. Just hold it and a little double window appears at e point where your finger is and you just pop it in the one you want.
Got my car 3/2...6'4.5" and no updates

nickjhowe - Same thing happened to me; twice. I just set the time for 15 minutes from now and I'll check it in a few hours. Have a feeling that I may have to call and have them push the software again.

Seems TM felt the system needed a prep wipe to initialize the sensors, or SLT. I believe a fix of some sort is in the works. But you can't necessarily carry over all your Lexus etc. habits. TM feels at liberty to establish new ones.

I'm 6'2". Took delivery in February. Got 4.5. notification today. Should be installing right now. Tick tock. Stayed up all night on the forums yesterday (I know, it's getting extreme and starting to be a problem) so I'm not going to run downstairs tonight. Looking forward to the few enhancements this version provides. Better defrost control should be nice. Any feature is one more improvement than my previous cars ever got. Tesla, the gift that keeps on giving, or is it receiving?

I've tried twice to install the update and get the message that says it can't at this time, try again later. Really frustrating. I've got a strong 3G signal too. Suggestions? Do I have to call Tesla?

@elguapo I had the same thing happen to me last night. I tried several times to install and kept getting the same message as you. This morning, after it failed again, I rebooted the main screen (holding down both buttons on steering wheel), and the clock icon had disappeared, so there's now no update available to install. I imagine there was some sort of a problem with the download, so hope it will get pushed again at some point. If it doesn't show up in a couple of days, I'll call service.

@drp: Thanks. I was aware of that method, but actually find it more difficult while driving, since I have to look to see the small windows, versus just dragging down to the lower 50% of the screen. Love that they have designed many ways of doing things so we have options.

Now if we could get some non-Apple (ha!) way of magnifying the letter that you're pointing to on the URL line of the browser or map search, that would be terrific.

@Jcmason Thanks. That's what I was afraid would be the solution. I didn't care about 4.5 before, but now that I almost got it, I want it!

I got the software upgrade last night. Big problem. When my car is in drive, the dash now says "p". When in reverse the car says "d" and when in park it says "r". Dash indicates "car needs service". I contacted tesla and the engineers are going to look into it. Car is driveable as long as I don't mind driving while the car thinks it is in park. I will post an update later.

According to "Ashley" on the ownership team this morning, the rollout of 4.5 has been cancelled. If any of you have the update message but you get the "try again later" message when you try to install, reboot the car and the update message will go away until the push it. Looks like .44 isn't going to be the last 4.5 version....

I just did the reboot and the message disappeared as described here.

Here is the update. It's about 4 hours after my call to tesla. They have gotten into my car via the internet and patched the software. Back to normal and running 4.5 1.33.44. Driving again and "d" is drive again. Thanks tesla!

I thought I set my car to install 4.5 at 11p.m. last night, but I must have messed up and not hit the OK button. I just checked it and the 'Install now/defer install" screen was showing. I hit "Install now" and a 2 minute countdown started, after which, the "Software update in progress" message came on. It appears to be installing right now, 6:26 p.m. EDT, Saturday June 1, 2013. I have never watched the install process before. This may be normal, but the small display is showing my range and at the bottom is a message that says "car needs service, call Tesla." The big screen has a dialog box in the middle that says the software is being updated. Guess I'll check back in a few hours and see what happened. The car is still reporting it's location to my phone app, but it does not respond to commands like "honk horn", but then it wouldn't during an update. Hope I didn't screw the pooch by telling it to update. I'm not worried...yet.

The car goes through all sorts of strange behaviors during an update install. No need to worry until it says it has completed the update or it says that the install failed.

If there is a failure all you need to do is call Ownership and they will push another one through to you again.

Good news. The car is fine and 4.5 has finished installing. I'm not sure how, if Tesla has stopped the rollout, unless it got cached in the car yesterday and was just waiting for me to OK the install. I don't know how it is done, but I've got 4.5 and no warnings or error messages.

I like the bigger font on the maps, the first name sorting of contacts and I'm sure I'll like the 2 stage defrost option when I need it. The other enhancements like Superchargeer locations don't do much for me since I charge at home, but bully for Tesla for their efforts in this area. Battery management tweak is a good thing too, but is a system enhancement, not a new feature.

It just keeps getting better.

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