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4.5 Update rolling out

Perhaps this is a better way to discuss the topic of software updates, rather than bumping an unfortunately titled thread about the effect of an incomplete install of 4.4 on one owner's car.

So, how is 4.5 going? I'm still waiting. I'm on 4.4 and have had no problems with my car of any kind, ever. I love it. It just keeps improving.

Oh, I almost forgot. I REALLY like the fact that the car will draw current from the wall for HVAC and other accessories when we run them while plugged in. I do that all the time. My garage has a communicating door to my office/studio on the first floor of my house. I frequently go sit in the car when I want privacy for phone calls, etc. It's a comfortable, cozy, private mobile office. Even when it's at home, I like to hang out in it and now I can cool or heat it without pulling juice from the battery. Fantastic. Thanks Tesla.

Since receiving the 4.5 update at the Fremont service center last week, I noticed that I'm only getting 182 rate miles when fully charged. This is down from 188 before 4.5. Is this expected? I did not change the setting of the slider bar - it is at the default position (which represents 90% capacity?). Just curious what other 60Kwh owners are seeing in yours?

It is expected. Read the release notes.

"mklcolvin | MAY 29, 2013 NEW
It would be nice to be notified that our cars had an update available on our phones. It would be even better if we could trigger the update to install from the phone apps!"


My S is parked under ground (condo) and never gets updates unless I call or drop off at the SC…PITB for sure!

Wow July 7th and I still don't have 4.5. Anyone else without the update?
Red P85 picked up on April 26th

I don't have 4.5 either. They are taking their time. We'll get it eventually. I am in no hurry - there's really nothing in 4.5 that is exciting anyway.

Me neither. I would like the option for charging to a different %, but that would be most useful if I could change from iPhone app. Plug car in at airport, charge to 50%. Before flying back, change to 80 or 90 or whatever I need from the app, so it's ready when I arrive.

No problems at all with 4.5. I've had it for a couple of weeks.


Although not formally promised, it's expected that software updates will also be wifi-capable once the functionality is enabled in the car. Unless you're really in the bowels of the earth, you might be able to setup a bridge network with one or two of the new Airport Express devices to get the signal to the garage. The range is quite good. Interestingly, my condo garage is two floors underground and it still picks up a 3G signal. I'd check all four corners of your garage, you might get lucky. Disregard the 3G signal strength meter, mine reads 0 but I can still request songs and get updates. Good luck.

In another post, a Tesla rep said there were only 9 software developers at Tesla.

This is way, way too small at this stage. At least until they can get all of the functionality implemented, they should add more developers to fully develop the onboard and phone app software - and once they've done that, then they should be able to operate with a smaller staff performing maintenance and adding smaller features.

Plus, if they can get the "app" store released - we should be able to get new features from non-Tesla developers.

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