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480 Volt

I just wondering. I have access to 480 Volts. Is it possible to plug in my Model S into a 480 Volt socket?

It would be practical for you to install a hi voltage DC rectifiers and all the associated controllers. It is proprietary to Tesla. My wild guess is that the equipment plus installation would cost close to $20-25k because you would be paying retail for the hardware and installation. Also very dangerous. Would reduce the life of the battery faster than a 240 AC/30-40 A charger.

No... is the simple answer. Tesla does not make an adapter for that.. yet.

You can make something but as Bubba2000 explained, it would be cost prohibitive. The easiest way is to purchase a Tesla HPWC and a 480 volt to 240 volt transformer.

Do you ONLY have access to 480 volts? Usually if you have a 480v source, you should also be able to get 240v somewhere.

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