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5 Features I'll Miss With My Model S

Here are 5 items I’ll miss with my Model S. I believe each of these is a hardware item and cannot be changed with a software update. Most of us have never spent $100,000 on a car before and expect to have these features as standard equipment or as available options.

Tesla should consider this list as they must broaden the appeal of this wonderful vehicle to those of us who have been enjoying these features.

For what it’s worth, here are my Top 5….

1) Adaptive Cruise Control – Anyone using cruise control in even moderate traffic appreciates this feature. The car senses traffic ahead, slows down, then resumes speed when the road is clear. The driver doesn’t have to do a thing.

2) Folding Rear View Mirrors – This topic has many posts elsewhere. This car is already wide and with another 9 inches for the mirrors, we’re just asking for them to get hit by garage doors or shopping carts. Does Tesla really think we’re going to get out of the car to fold in the mirrors?

3) Parking Sensors – Saves our bumpers from dings and scratches by giving an audible and/or visible signal on the proximity of an obstruction.

4) Heated Steering Wheel – As winter approaches here I appreciate a rapidly heated steering wheel when I get into the car.

5) Cooled Seats – And when summer comes around again, I’d like to be able to cool my seat.

Seriously, does nothing for me. Would rather see a floor-mounted urinal.

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