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60 kwh and supercharging question: how long to 120 miles? 150?

Planning a trip from San Jose to San Diego soon. Need to know from those with real world experience, how long for the 60 Kwh to get to 120 miles charge and 150 miles charge using supercharging.


I drove from the Tesla factory in Fremont to LA (Arcadia) last weekend. I stopped in Gilroy for a 15 minute charge and then stopped at Harris Ranch and Tejon Ranch for 30 minutes each. I got 100-130 miles added range at the latter two stops. You can expect 200-300 miles of range/hour of charging (it varied at each charger.) I drove back to the Bay Area with identical results. If you have a choice, always pick a supercharging hook up that does not have another car next to you using the same charging stack. This reduces your charging rate by about a third.

I found that there were frequently other Model S owners to chat with and that there were also Tesla engineers at several of the stops who were happy to answer questions. It was a great trip, and while it took longer than it would have in an ICE car, as my wife is fond of saying, "there is more to life than increasing its speed."

Thanks BJM. I agree, there is more to life than speed.
With my kids, the stops are all but mandatory! :-)


"More to life than increasing its speed."
Some will die proud of how quickly they got there, I bet.

bjm, thanks for posting on the shared stack.

I found that at the Barstow charger the stacks alternate every other car.

Also who ever is first to plug into the stack gets the lions share of the stack and the second to plug in gets what left over. I got to talk to a tesla tech who said this should not be the case and is looking into it.

Thanks skulleyb for that info.

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