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$600/year kills the electric car!!!

I'm a technology enthusiast and also have some Tesla stocks. I was very interested in Tesla from the beginning of the company.

And I've planned to have the model S for my next car, but after walked out from Tesla's showroom in Santana Row after learning about the maintenance cost, I'm really disappointed.

The real beauty of electric car technology compare to combustion engine is cleaner, simpler, more reliability, better performance. Why isn't maintenance cost getting lower?

What if I'm happy with the current software version and don't want any new updates?

What if I really know how drive the car in such a way that could save the brake pads for a longer time?

What if I want to do all the basics maintenance by myself: windshield wipers, tire rotations, brake pads,..

I know Tesla company is still a young company and really need money to keep things going, but i think the mandatory $600/year maintenance cost is not reasonable.

Why don't Tesla:

* Allows customers to decline software update (if it is not a major update). If it is a major update, it should be free since that is equivalent to a recall.

* Allows car owners to perform some basic maintenances without voiding the basic warranty (battery, motor, transmission..). For example, owner could replace brake pad by himself if he want to. Tesla could sell parts and also provide tutorial video on youtube...

* Customers who don't want to maintenance by himself could just pay $600/year.

I own a Toyota, and usually decline many services offered by the dealer since I knows many of them are not necessary.

Many simple things such as changing air-filter, windshield wipers, tire rotations...are always be done by myself.

I know the Model S is not an economy car, but it should have options for people who has less money, who want to drive it and spend time to maintain it (instead of spending money).

If I spend $50k on an electric car, I really want it to beat my Toyota Camry in all aspects: cleaner, less maintenance, less operational cost (electric).

With $50k, I could just go with Mercedes, BMW, Lexus... if I really want a luxury sedan with all the stupid gadgets and a huge engine.

I think to help reduce the warranty cost for Tesla, it should provide an environment to help owners to reduce maintenance cost in long-term (DIYs, tutorials, parts...). Since it is not about the 4 years of warranty and maintenance, people will expect to own and drive this car for ten, fifteen, twenty years.

Hope this will help.


Phillip Phan
San Jose, CA

pretty sure it's 'Locutus', not 'locutius'...checking...yep "Locutus of Borg".

As for talking up a stock, nothing wrong with that unless you have inside info you're concealing, or have a "dump and jump" plan.


$1,200 is high
$895 for a Beemer.
$905 for a Merc.

Of course, they're higher than Toyota's $760.

All of you muggles are so clueless.
The wizards are really in charge so you better get used to it.
+ 10 points for Gryffindor

A mates Audi TT cost $1100 for its last service. It wasn't a major service.

Have had our S for a little over a week now and only have one issue with the heater. Called Tesla support and talked over my issue. I then revived a call back (less than 30 min's later) and was told that someone logged onto our car and found the issue. We are now waiting a good time to get the issue (it is hardware) fixed.

Last night I called Tesla support to request an adapter for a 6-50 outlet at 5:30pm. I talked to a representative and he said he would meet me at 7:30pm to give me one. Same day personal delivery!

I know that some people don’t like the $600/year maintenance charges, but remember Tesla is doing something different then all the other car manufactures. I know $600 sounds like a lot, but the examples I used saved me how much time / money? I didn’t have to take any time off from work to drive to a dealer and leave my car with them? Then to have a Tesla employee meet me to bring an adapter to me at 7:30pm is incredible.

+1 sueinsanjose

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