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AC Level 2 Installation

Looking into options for installation of the AC Level 2 charger. I'm wondering if anyone has gone through the process? Any suggestions.

I'm currently in northern california. Curious as to which electricians you recommend and what you think of the whole solar city debacle.

thanks in advance.

Good question. I would be surprised if TM did not have that already built into the car to protect all those batteries.

Installation: I am installing the heavier 100amp wire 60 foot from panel to garage then stepping down last 6 feet to lighter 50amp wire down to NEMA 14-50 outlet. Why? Planning for future higher capacity batteries ie 170 kWh could likely require 100A circuit to charge in a reasonable time since I elected to get 50A supply now. Much cheaper to install main 100A wire run now than to tear out 60 feet of 50A wire later in attic or crawl space or if under concrete driveway and then have to replace it with 100A wire/pipe. In future, just replace 6 feet of stepdown 50A wire, replace 50A breaker with new 100A circuit breaker, and add a shutoff box for your 100A circuit.

Brian H,

So Vawlkus misspoke (I didn't). In context, it is clear we were both responding to Mtlord's comment that the Solar City rep told him that the cost of the HPWC is included in his bid. The question is whether Solar City is selling these devices or not. I suspect you intentionally misunderstood.

Cars are natural Faraday Cages. The charge stays on the outside. Usually.

Any thoughts on installation of surge/lightning protector? Is that something "built in" the Model S? I'd hate to fry such a fine piece of engineering! (DFibRL8R)

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