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Accident !

"I thought it was in reverse."

Fix my horn, my brakes don't work.
What's the middle pedal for?
It's just the normal noises in here!

......and yet, somehow she has a valid drivers license....... -.-

Hummm.... Fishy... April fool's? :)

Jalopnik (insert intense dislike here) of course took the most negative slant possible.

Granted Tesla needs to make sure there is no really- bad unintended acceleration issue.

But I suspect it was simply a user error.

Nice to see how well the front end held up in the accident.

Tesla does need a granny-mode... acceleration limited to 0-60 in 15 seconds...

D and R do look a lot alike ...

You really can instagram anything:

This thread is a micro-version of the problems with our government. The problem is that we are too polarized. It is okay for one person to take one position and for another to take the opposite position. There is another step that we need to take: decide which position makes the most sense and is closest to the truth, and adopt that position.

How about this idea:

The model S is an electric car with a quiet, powerful drive train. While pressing both pedals is obvious in an ICE car due to the sound of the engine revving, it is less obvious in an electric car. When someone presses what they think is the brake, and the car starts moving or accelerating, it's easy to panic and press harder on the brake (or both pedals), which only makes the problem worse. I suggest that if this happens to someone that they take their foot off both pedals and press the 'park' button. Also, I think we should treat people, like this woman who had the accident - with respect. @Logical_Thinker - Would you say something like that to her face?

+1 EcLectric

Hmm, did the car shut down after she drove through the wall? Or could she have simply backed out and took off? With acceleration like that she would leave the Crown Vics in the dust...

Illustrated reason why my mother should not have a Model S... Drives like she did when she was 17 at 70... But she would taken off if she could. APB for crazy lady in white Tesla...

She was texting her family to find out what kind of fish they would like for dinner. Then the door wouldn't work so she had to squeeze out of the trunk. She grabbed a chair and sat to finish the text. When the cops tried to ask her what happened, she asked them to wait until she got an answer to her text. So the cops walked away and discussed if they should site her for texting and driving.----It's all very clear you just have to learn how to understand: The-Little-Old-Lady-From-Pasadena


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