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Actual miles are HALF of rated miles!!

Am I doing something wrong? I drove 50 actual miles but that ate almost 90 "rated" miles. One time I went to each for an hour and came back to 20 LESS "rated" miles than when I got out of the car. I checked every time that the car actually locked itself and turned the lights off. I did not drive it rough or fast.

@rwang - no, I haven't heard any whir above 80kW.


I am interested in getting 19" wheels and all season radials to run in the winter. Can you list the specifics of the wheels your are using and also where you got them? What about the TPMS? From TSLA or did you aftermarket? What about calibration for the car's monitoring system? Thanks


I have a total lifetime also, but I know it's going to get reset someday. I have been thinking that on the trip details page, with the A and B trip odometers, it would be nice to have a third line that is titled "Odo" that is the car lifetime odometer, and the car lifetime energy use and average use. There is room on the instrument cluster mini-display, but it's really only needed on the main display where there is plenty of room. Maybe they will put it on there someday.

@John-SigPerf-V707, good suggestion. Think about adding it to the Prioritized Software Enhancement thread.

Multiply rated miles by 0.72 is my realized miles.

Life time average 370 Wh/mile. Car is 5 weeks old (was out of town for 10 days), 810 miles driven since delivery. 1/3 local driving, 2/3 highway, Bay Area.

Model S: regular 85KW, 19" wheels (for safety and mileage), almost all options except premium sound & rear seats.

Terrain is hilly near my house. I seem to average about 420 Wh/mile in neighborhood and town driving. Temperate has averaged about 50 the past month. Climate set on low fan, 72 degree, 70% screen brightness, seat heat #1. Car always charged to 240 rated miles late at night, but lower by 7 am, ranging from 230-238, does not seem to matter if it is plugged in or not.

Seem to average about 350 Wh/mile in Highway driving, a mixture of 70 miles/hour and congested commute traffic when the average speed can slow down to 15 m/hr, stop and go. When going 70 m/hr, seems about 370 Wh/hr, which is worse than the Tesla graph, but Tesla graph is ideal. In general, car is not driven hard, except when "showing" family and friends :)

Other: I believe the Energy screen statistics of Wh/mile is overstated because (1) the car does use energy when parked if screen is on,(2)Charging is not 100% efficient. I estimate 90% charge efficiency, but I can't back up my claim scientifically yet. (3) The car loses miles just sitting there, even when the car is sleeping, even with 4.1.

The app would allow you to time charging to complete at 7 a.m., so you'd get full range.

Is "timed charge" or "delayed charge" now available?

The form I put up has 5 entries and 6.6k miles with an average of 335.4 w/mile

Raw data

Entry from form:

@one2mark: I got 235/50R19 Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D snow tires on 19x8.5 Advanti Racing B1 Lupo Silver Painted wheels (very good looking wheels). I bought these from
$920 for tires (expecting a $40 rebate).
$796 for wheels. includes wheel specific lug nuts.
126.14 shipping, and received them in 3 day.
Total $1842.14.
These tires where mounted and balanced at TireRack, and ready to install.
I did not buy TPMSs, and consequently the TPMS warning light is on continuously (until I remove the snow tires in the spring). The only effect that this has, that I have found, is that I cannot turn off the Traction Control when the TPMS light is on - but I wouldn't want to do that anyway!
In the spring, I will remount my original 21" Tesla wheels/tires with original TPMS, and I expect the car will recognize them and all will be good. This is what happens with my Hondas and Chrysler when I do the same thing.

Just added my data to the spreadsheet: S#187, Sig Standard 19" all-season, 3000 miles at an average of 339 Whr/mi.

Got my 85kW just before Christmas and did short trips around Santa Cruz the first couple of weeks while off for the holidays. Started doing my 85 mi r/t to Menlo Park last week and have noticed performance noticeably below rated mileage. Going over Santa Cruz Mtns certainly has an impact. 41 mile trip used 51 miles of range, doing 50-55 mph over the hill and 65 mph on cruise control once in Silicon Valley. At 70 mph on the flats, the 41 miles used up 62 miles.

I haven't tried to drive conservatively at all, but I average around 350 Wh/mi over a commute evenly split over interstate and surface roads. In stretches where I tried to be careful, it was pretty easy to get around 300 Wh/mi.


Thanks for the info on your wheels. I appreciate hearing of your experience.


My experience of driving my MS over past two weeks since delivery in South Edmonds, WA: I have been closely monitoring my energy consumption and trying to beat the 300 Wh/mi rating, where my routine work communtes ~ 35 miles round trip. My experience has shown I can routinely average down under 300 Wh/mi, generally in the 250 to 280 Wh/mi range with speed ranging from 35 mph to 54 mph on Hwy 99. It requires a very light touch on the acceleration and generous use of REGEN on downhills.

Tesla-David - thanks very useful. I have been wondering how the MS would stack up against my 3354 lb LEAF in power use. I have a very simular commute, and average 200Wh/mile. Works out about 16.77lb/Wh. With MS weight of 4647.3 lb the equivelant would be 277Wh/mi. Right at what you are getting. As you say, this is with very conservative driving. Can't wait for the MS.

@djp - driving similarly in the LEAF and Model S (though more acceleration in the Model S, I was still using the acceleration the LEAF had) I was getting ~315 Wh/mi with the LEAF and ~350 Wh/mi with the Model S. I would suspect that ratio will hold roughly true for other driving styles and mix of highway/surface roads, so you can get a good estimate by taking your energy use with the LEAF and divide by .9.

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