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*ADVERTISEMENT* Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra & 3M Crystalline Tint - Orange County, CA - Over 25 Model S Installed

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...we've just finished our 27th clear bra on the Tesla Model S and over 20 3M Crystalline Window Tint install!

We offer you the best in Paint Protection for your new Model S - we use strictly the Xpel Ultimate Self-Healing paint protection film. Our most popular coverage has been the entire front of the car, but we've done 4 where we've wrapped the entire vehicle!

We are located in the Newport Beach, CA area - (stop in and visit our 9,000 Sqft shop)but can come to you in the LA area if needed. Now that we've done 20 of the new Tesla S with "full nose wraps" and the highly coveted 3M Crystalline Nano-Thermal window tint...there's no stopping us!

We've also done 2 color changes too..converted to Matte White and also a two-tone brushed aluminum and matte black - Turned out great (see our FB page for pics)

Please mention that you found us on the Tesla forum for your 10% discount on clear bras and window tint.

Please check us out on Facebook and Instagram or simply type my name or business name in Google and you will see that we are the best place to bring your new Tesla S. Over 10 years in business, offices in CA & AZ and over 25,000 clear bra's installed...plenty of references available upon request....yes...we will give you references for other Model S owners if you prefer.

~ Ryan

Ryan Tounsley
Protective Film Solutions

California Office
3609 W MacArthur Blvd., Suites 807/808, Santa Ana, CA 92704
949-599-5964 (office)
602-327-0055 (cell)

Like us on Facebook -
Follow us on Instagram (smart phone app) - @ProtectiveFilmSolutions
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... We give your vehicle, home and business the
protection they deserve with 3M & Xpel protective films.

;) Update with running totals of covered cars; the surge is just beginning!


stop in an visit -- and visit
on clear bra's and window tint -- clear bras and window tint

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Why does your signature say you use 3M PPF and the post says XPel?

Thanks for all my typo's They will be fixed

Don't thank them. You should take the credit for your own typos. You deserve it. :D

Can you please post a direct link to your Model S photos on FB? I took a quick look and I didn't seem them. I'm interested in seeing that two tone job you mentioned.

@olanmills - too funny! Also, here is the link...the pics are under "photos"

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